I spent some time on the AdoptUsKids website earlier today, looking at profiles of children waiting to be adopted, and hearing them talk about how hard it is to be in this state of limbo. “We want to be able to feel secure somewhere.Feeling loved and secure are so important, but these kids in foster care don’t have that. This rips at my heart.

There are so many kids around the world don’t have that love or security either — and many don’t even know where their next meal will come from. I believe that unless children come to know love from those around them, they will have a very hard time ever coming to know the love of Jesus. I’ve seen this with our own adopted daughter, but it must be even more so for children who face the very real possibility of starving or dying of treatable diseases.

My family sponsors two children through Compassion: Lucy and Josphat. They live in Kenya, and on my fridge, too, so we think of them and remember to pray for them often. Eventually, I’d love to sponsor additional children, but we want to be able to commit to sponsoring these kids for many years to come, so we’ll add other kids as we can. Receiving letters or drawings from our Kenyan kids gets my whole family excited; in fact, we all fight over who gets to read the letters first. 😉

Lucy and Josphat

If you’ve ever thought of sponsoring a Compassion child, please consider sponsoring one of the longest waiting children. Sponsorship is only $38/month, and provides:

  • food and clean water
  • medical care and health-related instruction
  • educational opportunities
  • life-skills training
  • hearing the gospel — and experiencing the love of Jesus in a tangible way

Bonus: a gift for you, if you choose to sponsor a “Longest Waiting Child,” you’ll receive a free Compassion Scrapbook! (You must sign-up online and make your first payment with a credit/debit card. Must also be a resident of the U.S. or territories.)

Do you sponsor a child somewhere around the world, through Compassion or any other organization? I’d love to hear about it!