We Made it to Spring Break!

We made it to spring break. Please hold on just a sec while I do the happy dance.

{this is where you imagine me doing the happy dance}

As my family is out and about this week (more on that later), I have big plans for spring cleaning and more. That “more” part includes planning out the remaining eight weeks of this school year. I feel so bad saying that right now I’m eager to call this year done and have a fresh slate to start again in August. Maybe this week of spring break will do us all good, and get us refreshed enough to keep going somewhat happily until the school year ends.

weekly report

So, a quick summary of the highlights of the past two weeks:

We covered plenty of science — and a little geography — in our recent field trip!

We read more historical fiction books for our early American history studies: Fever 1793 for Lindsey, and The Ballad of Lucy Whipple for Kathryn. They loved these books, and begged to read more before I’d assigned it. Lindsey told me this week that she usually hates reading history stuff, but she likes these books I’ve assigned her lately. (Have I mentioned how much I adore living books?)

Today we visited my dad at his house in the mountains. While there, Ken played around with the blow gun, and I had Dad show the girls his storm-(and just about everything else)-proof room in his basement. He told us all about the coyotes and turkeys and bears that have been in his yard lately, and I had no idea coyotes would like to eat things like sunflower seeds and bananas! The girls both hit and kicked his heavy punching bag, and Dad showed Lindsey how to properly use the leg exercise part of his weight bench. He showed us the seed pots he’s started for tomato plants. We played charades trying to figure out everything Dad was saying, because the nerve issues affecting his tongue and throat make it very difficult for him to talk.

All in all, it was a good visit, and on the way home we decided we’d had a little physical education, a little biology and nature study, and even learned some survival skills. 😉 We passed school buses as we drove home, and decided it’s pretty cool to be able to do thing like this in the middle of a weekday whenever we’d like. I like being a homeschool family.

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