Week-end: links & life {vol. 17}

“Tea is the magic key to where my brain is kept.” – Francis Hardinge

tea and dog

True story. I absolutely think better with a cup of tea in hand, or at least within reach. I’m working on a post about all things tea; anything in particular you want to know, so I can be sure to include it?

from around the web

on the blog (in case you missed ’em):

right here at home

See that? Honey bees and blossoms on my cherry tree. Spring is finally beginning to spring!


Bought myself a workout tank that acknowledges the real reason I workout: to burn off the crazy! I need it extra this week because the “spring forward” time change always makes me cranky. Yesterday Kathryn helped the kids make a paper chain to count down our days ’til our next trip to the beach. #happydance

Scout is doing a great job learning to tell time, and getting a kick out of measuring things and learning to count money in her math workbook. Maybe I’ll be a fun homeschool mom and let her practice counting real money and measuring random things around the house.

One of the few things I don’t enjoy about spring is the allergies; all the kids have had varying degrees of sniffles but it’s been making Jem’s occasional nosebleeds more frequent. We’re running essential oils in the diffuser during the day, and a humidifier in his room at night to combat the dry winter air, but I welcome more suggestions.

Kathryn is crocheting up a storm and researching things like packaging for her etsy shop. She’s sold her two biggest items already so she’s working on new items. One of these days I’ll contribute actual products to sell, too, but for now I’m her photographer and errand-runner.

Enjoy your weekend, friends!

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Linking up with Kris and Mary.

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True story: I started reading your post, had to get up and start some tea, and came back and finished reading 😉

Amanda Jones

LOVE the shirt! 🙂

melissa newell

ah those blossoms are making me crave the warmer weather…we need this snow to melt first…then the blossoms will come!

I am a tea drinker too! Actually never tried coffee a day in my life…so I dont have anything to compare it to, but love me a good cup of tea!

Enjoy the weekend!

Michelle Cannon

Great posts. Love the blossoms.