Week-end: links & life {vol. 30}

“You don’t stop laughing when you grow old, you grow old when you stop laughing.” – George Bernard Shaw

happy birthday to me

I celebrated with a birthday lunch date with my favorite guy, the one who keeps me laughing, and therefore helps keep me young! This weekend we hope to have dinner here at the house with all the kids, plus my mom.

from around the web

  • Aging is B.S. :: Language warning, but the content is good. Encouraging real-life examples of people who refuse to let age get in the way of physical strength, plus tips on how to minimize the inevitable effects of aging.
  • The blessings of being raised by a low-maintenance mother :: “In today’s world, full of over-processed, over-done, over-glammed out women, I will be forever grateful that I was raised by a mother who has always been too busy with important things to scrutinize every inch of her body, to obsess about fine lines, to turn herself into something she isn’t.” So good.
  • Surviving as an introverted mother :: Frankly, I’ve dealt with these feelings since adopting our youngest two; I chose this and I am blessed – but it’s been hard to suddenly integrate two very noisy little people into my life, and it’s taken a lot of trial and error to learn what works for me so I can best mother them.
  • The secret to being liked :: What does it take to make someone notice us, like us, love us? The answer is far simpler than we usually make it.

on the blog (in case you missed it):

right here at home

birthday week collage

Other than my birthday this week (yay!) the biggest thing was Jem’s nosebleeds (not-yay). He’s had them on and off, but this week he had them at least three days, sometimes more than once a day, and sometimes they are hard to get stopped. So I’ve made an appointment with an ENT, even though I hate the thought they may need to cauterize the blood vessels in his nose. Any tips for those who have dealt with this would be appreciated!

Oh, and last Friday, Piper ripped a dew claw while playing and I had to take her to the vet to have that fixed. It obviously hurt and she was glued to my side all day. So I’ve had my share of dealing with blood this week.

I’m reading and so far loving Scary Close: Dropping the Act and Finding True Intimacy, a book about learning to be real. Once I finish it I’ll let you know my final verdict but so far it’s wonderful and relatable.

Don’t you love my #gymselfie workout tank!? So much fun. I found it here on etsy. When I take myself off workout-shirt-buying restriction, I’ll buy more from this shop. Quick turnaround, good quality, and I love how these burn-out tanks fit.

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My daughter was getting nose bleeds from a medication she we on. Weird as it may sound a friend told me to give her jello. She ate a serving a day and it helped. Good luck.