Week-end: links & life {vol. 42}

 “One way to get the most out of life is to look upon it as an adventure.” – William Feather


Could little-kid Brandon be any cuter? This was out on his grandfather’s sailboat (Ken’s dad) twenty-ish years ago. Ken would love to have a boat someday, and how fun would it be to carry that adventure into the next generation taking Carter sailing in a few years!?

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  • Throwing off the bowlines :: Ahem!   There’s an announcement in this one. No, not about a pregnancy or more kids, but it’s still a big deal.

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homeschool collage

Last week’s yard sale wasn’t spectacular, but we cleaned out more stuff and made a few bucks, which are my only requirements for declaring yard sale success!

Homeschooling is going well so far. Not perfectly, of course, but given all that’s going on lately, I’m pleased. I’ve been getting a kick out of reading lessons with the boy; he loves the individual attention and he’s super motivated by his desire to read. It’s adorable.

Kathryn is doing more of her schoolwork in her room this year than in previous years. She’s finally realized it’s easier to concentrate when she’s away from the hubbub of the living room.   FYI: cafe mocha makes math better.

Scout is enjoying her science in one of the outside enrichment classes we’re doing. I think what she likes best is all the coloring, cutting, and pasting in her science notebook, plus the major involvement this homework requires from me. This week they dissected owl pellets!

I’ve been reading Tattoos on the Heart (Amazon link). I’m only about a third of the way through, but it is already so, so good. If you’re offended by language, don’t read it. But if you’re a fan of love and compassion and Jesus, then put this one on your list.

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