Week-end: links & life {vol. 45}

“A family is a risky venture, because the greater the love, the greater the loss… That’s the trade-off. But I’ll take it all.”
-Brad Pitt

Adoption Day anniversary

Why yes, I did just quote Brad Pitt; a good quote is a good quote. Last Friday we went out for pizza to celebrate two years since finalizing Scout and Jem’s adoption. It’s become our special “thing” since that’s what we did right before walking over the courthouse on their adoption day.

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kids, September 2015

House selling is practically a full-time job, y’all. {sigh}

While I’m not complaining about MORE house showings, it’d be extra awesome if one would translate into a BUYER. Sometimes we’re able to go hang out at my mom’s while it’s being shown, but sometimes there’s nowhere to go with a car full of dogs and kids, and sometimes I decide to be a fun mama and get ice cream for all the humans in the car while we sit in the Chic-fil-a parking lot.

homeschooling family

Kathryn’s 15th birthday is next week, but her main birthday present (a new bike!) arrived early, and she decided to put it together herself. She only needed a little help tightening a few bolts here and there. Besides bicycle assembly, she also kept up with science, got Ken in on the fun with experiments, practiced ukelele, studied for her written driving test, and even did some math.

As for the little kids, I sent them outside to take advantage of pretty days and fresh air as much as possible. There’s plenty of time to pull out the workbooks when it’s rainy and not perfectly fall-like weather.

I’m keeping up with my workouts, vacuuming the house 842 times a week (one word: dogs), and house-hunting from afar. Best thing of the week: playing with baby Carter when we all went down to south Georgia so Ken’s grandparents could meet him.

–> Linking up today with my friends Kris and Mary.

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My best friend adopted two boys a few years ago and it has always struck me how alike they were to their adoptive parents both in looks and personality. Likewise, your daughter looks the splitting image of you and your son looks just like your husband!
Good luck with the house selling. I hope it sells in double quick time.

Stef Layton

I am loving the Baby Carter photos!! And thanks for sharing Prayers for Pastors!! (muah – you and your Brad Pitt quotes. ha!!)


Oh my goodness they look SO MUCH like you and your husband. How good is God. That is amazing.