Week-end: links & life {vol. 5}

Welcome to my relatively new weekly post to share the best posts I read this week and a few highlights about what’s going on in our lives here at home!

“This is what the past is for! Every experience God gives us, every person He puts in our lives is the perfect preparation for the future that only He can see.” – Corrie Ten Boom

adoption day 2009

Wednesday made FIVE years since Lindsey’s adoption. {That’s the photo from the courthouse back in 2009.} I believe we’ve all grown in ways we couldn’t have begun to imagine back then. I’ve been stretched, for sure — but blessed, too. And in just a few weeks, she’ll celebrate her 20th birthday!

from around the web:

–> If you only read one of my links, make it this one. It’s a must-read for adoptive parents, but also for friends and extended family of adopted kids to help understand them better:

But these links are pretty great, too:

Has the holiday season got you crafting and pinning like mad? Then this video is for you! {Click over to the blog if it’s not showing up in your reader.}

from right here at home

On the homeschool front, we’re off through the first of the year. I’m taking the time time to think through what I want to add/change/prioritize once we start back. But this week, Kathryn introduced the kids to the art of making paper snowflakes!

{This boy; he’s a hoot. Evidently it takes great effort to use scissors.}

cutting paper snowflakes

paper snowflakes


On the blog: Did you see I finally {nine years after the fact} blogged my big honkin’ DIY project of painting our kitchen cabinets? Also, from here on out I shall make a point of actually taking decent “before” photos of all future DIY projects. And when I get my little beach cottage someday, I’m going to share all the projects because I’ll be so stinkin’ excited about it. 😉

Fitness: I’m still doing my PiYo workouts despite the challenges this week: like a dog coming to stand on my yoga mat mid-workout because she had to puke, and my back spazzing out another day. In just three weeks I can already see improvement in strength and flexibility. Even more than that, I can already tell a difference in my stress level and overall mood — which is good for everybody in the house!

{Once again linking up with my friends Kris and Mary.}