Week-end: links & life {vol. 4}

Welcome to the 4th edition of my relatively new weekly post to share the best posts I read this week and a bit of what’s going on in our lives here at home!

“Then the Grinch thought of something he hadn’t before! What if Christmas, he thought, doesn’t come from a store? What if Christmas, perhaps, means a little bit more?” ~ Dr. Suess

too much Christmas

Last weekend I went with my mom, my aunt, and my cousin Jonnia on a Christmas Tour of Homes. The  home in the photo above (belonging to the former governor of Georgia) was beautiful, but it made me downright twitchy. Ever been in one of those seasonal stores that sell everything Christmas you could ever think of from floor to ceiling and wall to wall? A store like that has nothing on this house. More is not always more.

from around the web:

If you missed this earlier in the week, it’s worth reading, even if I do say so myself. I dug up some fun photos to go with it: 100 things I want my daughters to know. {Pin it for later if you don’t have time to read it all right now!}

from right here at home

While at the shop to have my Volvo serviced earlier this week, I planned to take a loaner car when the gentlemen behind the counter told me, “I hate to the bearer of bad news, but we can’t loan you a car because your driver’s license is expired.” Oops! It had expired on my birthday six months prior! I remedied the situation later that day so I’m all set for the next five years. Hint: you might want to check yours because since then I’ve heard many stories of other people who have done the same thing. I’m very glad it was the Volvo guy who noticed, rather than a traffic cop!

I rescheduled the work for the next day and decided to stay there and get some blog writing done while my car was serviced. It reminded me how much easier it is to be productive when I don’t have a thousand interruptions, so I’m going to try to get back to a routine of venturing alone to a coffee shop at least every other week.


Oh, and you can give me a virtual high-five for two full weeks of PiYo workouts and no plans to stop! Yay, me!

On the homeschool front: Kathryn has a bit more work to finish up early next week and then she’ll have a break ’til after the first of the year. The younger kids have essentially been “off” all this month. And here’s a confession: after spending nearly two weeks beating myself up about not yet starting Truth in the Tinsel or anything else Advent related, I finally gave myself permission not to. So, we’ll probably make a few things — but we might not, and either way, that’s okay. It doesn’t make me a horrible mom, and my kids will not be scarred for life if we don’t make Christmas crafts.

Continuing on that line of thought, what do YOU need to give yourself permission not to do? So many of us give ourselves an even heftier to-do list this time of year than any other. But I’m here to tell you: the world will not end if you don’t attend that party/bake those cookies/do those crafts.

There are only two things your To Do List must contain:

  1. Enjoy the season; remember why you celebrate.
  2. Enjoy your family; remind yourself how much you like them.

{Linking up with Kris and Mary}

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Lindsay @ BytesofMemory

oh man!! I needed this today.. I am going to give myself permission to give up one of our advent activities.. It was a great program but it was just too much! Instead we will keep reading Bartholomeo’s Passage and that is it!! I want to have a nice peaceful lead up to Christmas!


Blessings to you Jamie,

Although our daughter is not home schooled, as a family we have given ourselves permission to engage in simple and homey activities such as baking, visiting other churches and enjoying their Christmas programs and concerts, spending time with the elderly at different nursing homes in Orlando, and of course keeping it true as we read the Christmas story directly from the Bible.

It feels wonderful, and yes…stress free!

Thank You Jesus!

And thank you Jamie, for sharing!


Hello, Merry Christmas Season! One thing I’ve given myself permission to not-do is our Advent devotions/Jesse Tree every single evening. Not that we pick and choose the nights, but when the kids have had long days or momma has become too frazzled we skip right into bed time routines. The next night we sort of review what we missed, again permission not-to do it all, and catch right up to which ever day we are “supposed” to be on. This might even mean finishing up the devotions a few days after Christmas too:) …just had to give up coffee sniff~sniff,… Read more »


I gave myself permission this year to stay simple and focus on the “reason” rather than the performance of the season. Easy dinner this year, easy gifting!