Weekend Inspiration Around the Web

tea cozyI snapped this photo with my iPhone one morning this week while I was settled in my big green chair with a Bible in my lap, hot tea by my side, and a cute dog snoozing in the corner of the room. It’s how I love to start every day.

And this delightful little sweater for my tea mug? It came from an etsy shop called Knit Storm which I found on Pinterest. (Yes, I do in fact have an entire “pin board” devoted to all things tea.) I adore this little tea mug cozy and I am now totally inspired to learn to crochet just so I can make these adorable little things!

(Tangent alert: why the store is called Knit Storm if this cozy is actually crocheted? I’m really rather clueless about the difference, other than you use one needle to do one, and two needles to do the other. Clearly I need help in this department!)

Back on track. Life in my brain has a lot of detours, which are usually edited out of my writing, but are always present in real-life conversations!

Now then… Need something to read for a bit of inspiration this weekend? Check out these great links:

  1. 50 Rules for Dads of Daughters – by Michael Mitchell at From Dates to Diapers. As a mother of daughters, I loved this sweet list.
  2. You Set the Pace – be free from “catch up” syndrome – by Stef at Educating Layton. Even in my sixth year of homeschooling, I struggle with this sometimes. A wonderful reminder. 
  3. Homeschool Blindspots – by Reb Bradly at JoshHarris.com. The most challenging thing I read this week. I wrote two pages in my journal after reading this, and I’m still mentally chewing on it. 
  4. For a different kind of inspiration, take a minute or two to watch this little video on YouTube. It’s guaranteed to make you smile: Elderly Couple of 62 Years Plays Piano.
  5. And in case you missed it earlier this week, I posted a list of 25 Prayers for My Husband that might give you a good starting point for praying for your own husband.

Enjoy your weekend!