Our Weekend Visit {Foster Adoption}

Friday afternoon, Ken and Kathryn went to pick up the kids up for the weekend. I’d been praying that we’d get the TPR order (to terminate parental rights) before we had the children for the weekend so that we’d have a little more clarity on this whole foster-adopt situation. All these if’s are hard to stomach.


Just before they arrived back here at the house, I got word the TPR had been granted. It’s hard to be happy about that, knowing it means they are now legally orphans — but it is a step towards being able to adopt them. Now we wait to see if any relatives contest the court order. If that happens, we’ll have another wait to see what the courts decide; if no one contests the order, then the time frame for adoption may not speed up (because of how long they have to be in our home, etc), but it would finally make the children legally free for adoption.

Full speed ahead (and I need more caffeine).

As soon as Scout got out of the car, she ran to hug me me and said excitedly, “We get to spend the night with you!

Friday evening, we played, then ate supper, played a little more, bathed them, read a story, and tucked them in bed. Jem had quite a bit of trouble falling asleep and kept getting out of bed (going to have to brainstorm how to get over that), but eventually went to sleep well enough to pop out of bed before 7AM. I am not a morning person, and I’ve forgotten how much energy little people have from the MOMENT they get up, so I think I’m going to have to add coffee and naptime to my days — at least for a little while! {Little people exhaust LacyDog, too, especially since they think she’s THE coolest thing since sliced bread!}

coffee and a sleepy dog

Saturday, we went about a “normal” day with two new kids added to the mix. Kathryn went to mitzvah class as usual; Lindsey worked most of the day. My mom stopped by to meet the kids. She brought her little dog Mocha, who was a huge hit with the kids. I didn’t know how to introduce my mom because she isn’t yet Granma, so I tried just saying she was my mom, but then Scout asked, “What’s your mom’s name?” Awkward moments, folks.

We had hoped to go to the park, but it was bitterly cold (at least for Georgia!) so we opted for a McD’s playground. Diane and Brandon met the kids briefly last time, but came over Saturday to spend a little time with them. Scout drew pictures for Diane, and Brandon played LEGOs with Jem. Adorableness! Brandon and Diane’s excitement about the kids blesses me more than I can say.

Brandon playing LEGOS

Again, Jem had trouble staying in bed and going to sleep — but considering all that’s going on in his life right now, who could blame him for having trouble sleeping in a strange place? We know that to some extent, he’s testing to see what he can get away with, so we’re trying to be kind but totally consistent in sending him right back to bed every time.

Cute moments abound.

Sunday, the kids were excited to go back to church with us, and seemed to enjoy it again. They were super-excited to see Brandon and Diane again, too. Out in the parking lot, we said our goodbyes to Diane and Brandon, and then Scout pipes up, “Bye! I love you both!” and Jem had to holler it, too. One of our friends, walking a little way behind us on the sidewalk said, “That’s so sweet, I think I’m gonna cry!” Lindsey said, “I know! I have tears in my eyes, too!

Another cute moment: Lindsey was moving slow Sunday morning and the rest of us were in the minivan waiting on her to head to church. When Ken got in the car, Jem thought he was leaving without Lindsey, and he was adamant in telling us, “Don’t leave without M’Lindsey! You can’t leave without M’Lindsey!” (He started out calling her Miss Lindsey, and somehow shortened it so it sounds like he’s saying “my Lindsey.” It’s seriously cute.)

I had some snuggling with Scout when she crawled up in my lap Sunday afternoon, still a little sleepy from her nap. And when I tucked Jem in bed one night, he rubbed my head and told me, “I love your hair.These little people melt me.

I recognize that these melt-my-heart moments are good, because there will be moments when I’m exhausted and things aren’t going well, and I may have a moment or two of wondering what kind of insanity it is that brought me to this place — and it’s ever so much easier to get through those moments when I’ve stored up these moments in my heart. {Psst: this applies to all parenting!}

After we’d taken them back to their foster home Sunday evening, and after they’d both hugged me tight to say goodbye, and Scout had come back out for one more hug and to kiss my cheek and tell me to have a good night and we’d done “I love you”s in sign language, I got a text from a friend who’d met them that morning. She said, “They are precious! Don’t you just love them? I want to have y’all over to play!…”

I quickly answered her text, but later, I thought more about her question, and I realized: Yes, I do love them.

Regardless of what happens in the future, despite the uncertainty of whether or not they will remain in our lives… I love them.