Weekly Report: Catching Up

Did you know that caterpillars can help with math? Kathryn thinks so!
Caterpillars Math

We’re raising caterpillars into butterflies, and Kathryn is REALLY interested in them, so math went better — and less distracting — having them sit there at the table with us. (iPhone photo; forgive the quality)

That was last week; now are caterpillars are chrysalises, and we are eagerly awaiting their emergence as butterflies any day now! Love that for nature study up close and personal!

This week, Kathryn hasn’t been feeling well. I think it’s just been a cold aggravated by allergies, which aggravates asthma. But she’s been reading, reading, reading, and has Lacy the WonderDog to help her feel better between naps! Thankfully, she’s feeling pretty much back to her perky self today.

We’ve pretty much been down to basics the past couple of weeks, but we’re still getting it done. Just a few more weeks til we’re officially done with this school year, but we’ll keep doing a little math, reading, and maybe even some nature study through the summer.

This week’s historical fiction readings: Lindsey is enjoying The Captain’s Dog, about Lewis and Clark’s expedition, as much as Kathryn and I did. Kathryn is really enjoying Jip: His Story, which is about a mistreated orphan who turns out to be the child of a runaway slave.

I usually link up my weekly posts with Kris at Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers, but she has been off-line since a wicked band of storms went through the South on Wednesday night. I know she lives in a town that was hit hard, so I’m sure she’s still without power, but I’m praying that her family and her home are okay. Keep her in your prayers til we hear from her, okay?

UPDATE: Kris made it to Chic-Fil-A for internet and sweet tea, and she and her family are okay. Praise God! Read her wrap-up post for more details.