Weekly Report: Fall Leaves & Auto Repairs

weekly report

The weather finally feels like fall, and that makes me HAPPY. Not having to be closely attached to my nebulizer for asthma (after the past two weeks of a wicked asthma-cough) makes me happy, too! One reason I love fall: my gorgeous red maple tree!

Fall leaves - Oct 2011

The water pump busted on my car this week, so I had to rely on my sweet cousin to get Kathryn to and from her enrichment classes again this week. Thankfully, we are almost on her way there for her own son to take classes, so I’m hoping it’s not too big of an inconvenience. Thanks, Jonnia!!!

With only a couple of busted knuckles, my handy husband managed to get the water pump and serpentine belt replaced and my car running again. Yay, Ken! Kathryn watched much of the time, and asked a whole lot of very intelligent questions, which Ken answered as he worked. She now knows a great deal about water pumps, cooling systems, thermostats, and more. Seeing Kathryn so genuinely interested reminded me of myself with my own dad, who worked as a mechanic and owned an auto repair shop for decades.

Car Repair Lesson

Wednesday ended up being an unplanned day off, as Kathryn spent the day at the hospital with her dad and step-mom waiting until they could bring her newborn brother Joey home. But that’s ok; it’s the kind of flexibility I love in homeschooling. We were still able to do all of our basic work for the week, even with that day off.

We have been staying on schedule with our history readings, but some of our other readings have fallen behind. I’m thankful I have a catch-up week on the calendar after next week.

Teaching Textbooks math is still going great. Kathryn enjoys it so much that it is an incentive for her to get her other workbook lessons done before she is allowed to do math. After we’ve used it a while (maybe a couple of months), I’ll write a thorough review. She is also really loving the typing program she’s using, and she says she’ll help me write a review for that in a week or two.

Teaching Textbooks

I usually link to “WUHS Weekly Wrap-Up” posts on Fridays, but Kris is taking a blog break to grieve the loss of a dear friend and fellow homeschooling mom. Christina died unexpectedly this week and leaves behind a husband and five daughters. I’m heartbroken for them. Would you please be in prayer for Christina’s family and friends?