Weekly Report (& Father-Daughter Dance)

I neglected my weekly report last week, so this is a two-for-one!

A big highlight of this week was the annual Father-Daughter Valentine dance. They ate, made general merriment, and danced the night away. Our girls are extra-blessed by having a dad who is a great dancer, and we’ve taught the girls to dance, tool! This makes the third year Ken has taken the girls, and they love it. So does he. I’m so thankful to the folks that organize this event to make it a very special evening for everyone involved.

Valentine Dance 2012

In history, we’re deep into the Civil War. We began a lapbook on the subject last week, and we’ve read this week about the Emancipation Proclamation, among other things. I’ve learned quite a lot myself; in fact, I’m really flabbergasted that I never learned these things in school! I was an attentive student with good grades, so I don’t think I slept through this stuff, but I clearly didn’t ever learn it in a way that stuck with me! Reason number 987 why I homeschool. Even when I’m not sure Kathryn has paid careful attention, any time I start telling Ken something I learned, she is able to fill in facts and add to the details I’m trying to remember.

In looking for a family-friendly movie one day last week, Ken picked up “Dog Jack” from Redbox, and it just so happened to go along perfectly with our studies. The movie was about a runaway slave (and his dog) who join the Union Army. Now when we read about battles, Kathryn has more of a visual in mind. This movie wasn’t spectacular in acting or special effects, but it was good, and managed to show battle without being graphic and scary.

All in a typical homeschool day: wearing a crown to color a state map for geography, enjoying a leisurely pancake breakfast with a friend, and listening to Mama read while working on a lap-book project!
mosaic 021012
We read last week about Henry Bessemer and the making of steel, which proved more interesting than I had feared. We’re still reading — and thoroughly enjoying — Oliver Twist, and thought it was cool that Dicken’s 200th birthday would’ve been this week.

Language Arts learning over the past two weeks: a review of verbs and adjectives; copywork of quotes from Civil War heroes; Daily Paragraph Editing; and Kathryn wrote her first official paper on a book she was required to read for bat mitzvah classes.

Kathryn’s LEGOs enrichment class included learning about the functions and classes of levers. And building cool stuff, of course. For handiwork, she’s learning to cable stitch and is working on a cable-knit hat.

Next week we’ll be halfway through our 5th grade Teaching Textbooks math curriculum so I’ll plan to write a review then.

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