Weekly Report: Making Plans (& a cute dog)

weekly report

We’re in a holding pattern in our homeschool lately, just doing our thing, looking toward the end of this school year and already anticipating next school year. We’ll be starting some of our next-year stuff this summer, as I’d really like to work gradually into more of a year-round schedule. More on that as I figure it out.

There are still, as always, things I’d like to be doing but we’re not. It’s not that we don’t have time, but we lack some of the good habits we need. I’m hoping with the fresh start of a fresh year, I’ll be able to get everyone set on better schedules and habits. A lot of thought and prayer right now about exactly HOW to accomplish that.

Technology is handy: Kathryn uses the YouVersion Bible app on my iPhone to look up verses for her daily Bible study.

Lindsey has been applying for jobs at a few nearby places, and we’re hoping she’ll hear something good back soon. She needs to start making (and learning to save) money, and we’re requiring a part-time job as part of her increasing responsibilities. She’d also like to have a car one of these days, and there are not currently any fairy car-godmothers around, so a job would be handy for that sort of thing — even though we’ll be the ones driving her hither and thither for a while. For the record, even if there was a fairy godmother around, we believe earning at least a large portion of the money for a car is the best way to make sure she appreciates it!

I’ve haven’t yet shared more of the why’s and our plans for Lindsey coming back home for school after she finishes out this year of public school, mostly because I didn’t want things to change again after I wrote about them, but it’s looking like this is what we’ll be doing. So, more on that soon. I’m busy wrapping my brain around it all right now.

Holocaust Remembrance Day — or Yom HaShoah — was on Thursday, so it began the evening before, as Jewish holidays do. We attended a remembrance service at a messianic synagogue Wednesday night. Mostly this consisted of various readings from survivors of the holocaust. What those people went through (mostly Jews, but not all) is truly beyond comprehension. Let us not forget how easily evil can spring up and grow; all it takes is for people to stand idle by, refusing to speak about it, hoping it will go away.

Kathryn made this tile in the kid-friendlier version of the Holocaust service.
Holocaust Remembrance

This week, Kathryn made a duct tape wallet for her step-brother’s birthday present. She’s also been working hard on finishing up a nifty knitted scarf because next week is her last day of enrichment classes for the year, and she needs the teacher’s help on the final steps for the scarf. We still want to learn to knit without looms, and I’m hoping to have time (and brain power) to do that over the summer.

Lounging LacyLacy is cute. There’s no other reason for this photo. She spends most of her day lounging in the bed because she is a lazy spoiled bum of a dog. But the greyhound in her makes her a rather regal-looking bum — and she is the smartest home educated dog I know.

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