Weekly Report: A New Year!

weekly report
We’re finally back to school this week, after two weeks off for Christmas break! We followed the public school calendar because of Lindsey’s schedule, and since Kathryn would be gone some of that time to her dad’s house for the holidays, and her step-siblings are in public school as well. Starting back up is never easy, but I allowed Kathryn to sleep late this week, and we eased back into things.

Over our break, we finally finished reading King Arthur, and Kathryn was a little sad to see it end. However, we’re starting Oliver Twist as our next read-aloud, and I’m hopeful we’ll enjoy that as well. We Mad-Libbed some grammar-learning silliness, continued to enjoy Daily Paragraph Editing, and reviewed plural and singular nouns in First Language Lessons.

We had friends joining us for schoolwork this week. Sometimes they just observed, but sometimes they were distracting and I had a hard time getting Kathryn back to our regularly scheduled programming.


At some point, she even came up with a family tree, after deciding they must all be related. The general consensus on my facebook page is that this counted as a bit of social studies. If I feel like pushing it, I could probably convince Kathryn to do a bit of creative writing inspired by this paper doll family tree, too.


For those wondering, these paper dolls came from The Black Apple’s Paper Doll Primer. I bought it a few months ago, intending to give it to Kathryn as a birthday gift, but then couldn’t decide if it was too weird. After all, there’s a set of conjoined twins in there. But I came across it again in my closet clean-out project, and Kathryn saw it and loved it, despite — or maybe because of — it’s quirkiness.

In math this week, Kathryn has mostly been doing geometry, dealing with shapes and area and perimeter and such. She’s also working with borrowing in subtraction problems; this is review for her, but something she sometimes got sloppy on, so I’m glad for the review. I’m still very much liking Teaching Textbooks.

We learned about Cyrus McCormick and the invention of the reaper, and read more about events leading up to the Civil War. I’ve been learning a few things along the way. This way of learning history is just so much better with the dry, boring way I learned it all in school.

In bat mitzvah class, Kathryn had her midterm test last Saturday. It was her first ever midterm anything. We don’t do a whole lot of testing in our homeschooling, so it’s interesting to me to see how very well she has done with her tests thus far in these classes. Hurray for homeschooling!

I’ll be linking up with Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers’ Weekly Wrap-Up today; join in!

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Janet W

I love the family tree! I’m glad you mentioned Oliver Twist. We’ve never read that together. I’ll have to add it to our read-aloud pile.

Kris @ Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers

Sounds like a fun week. Love the paper dolls! I’ve got a box of them that my grandmother and I used to play with when I was a kid. I should drag them out. That would make a fun Project 365 photo-op…sharing my ancient paper dolls with Megan.

Jessy at Our Side of the Mountain

I love her desk with the paper dolls! So girl! And fun!


Looks like a great week. I am new to homeschooling with a brand new kindergartener and am loving the ideas! I love the paper dolls also 🙂 I remember playing with mine for hours as a little girls. I love the idea of writing about them! Have a fantastic weekend.

Tricia @ Hodgepodge

I think a few friends always help give us a nudge in some subjects. Cute paper dolls! Yes, hooray for homeschooling and hurray for easing back into things.


That sounds like such a lovely week. Your Kathryn reminds me of my youngest daughter-very creative!


I liked Kathryn’s paper doll family tree. My girls do the same thing with their paper dolls (which are sometimes just models cut out of catalogs we get in the mail), only they don’t write anything down. They just group them into family and friends groups, with complicated ties they have no trouble remembering. 🙂

Regarding King Arthur: did you continue with the Three Worthies, or did you end with Arthur and Guinevere’s wedding?


Okay. We read (are continuing to read Pyle). That’s the difference, I guess!


I love the paper dolls – it brought back nice memories for me.


I love to peek into your homeschool. Those paper dolls are so cute. I bet Madison would like some . I’ll have to look for some for her. The picture of her doing her school work with the dolls lined up is so cute!

Thanks for the idea for the Mad Libs ! I hadn’t thought of that but it’s a great idea for review!


Looks like you had an awesome week! I love the paper dolls and family tree. My youngest daughter would love those! I need to remember to take pictures of our school day so I can do a a weekly wrap-up! 🙂


Happy 1st Week back after vacation. That’s always hard. We’re heading back into week 3 and are still finding it a bit of a challenge to get going in the morning. I think the paper doll family tree is clever!


The picture of her doing her school work with the dolls lined up is so cute! I really like this kind of doll..