Weekly Report: Our 1st Week!

weekly report
We started our homeschool year this week, and took things pretty easy. I want this year to bring back the love of learning, so I’m trying to steer clear of anything that I know will bring groans until Kathryn is a bit more back-on-board with school as fun. I have to remember that the eagerness will not happen overnight, but I believe it will happen eventually. We did have a bit of complaining this week, but I am not above bribery — like allowing Kathryn to taunt herself with treat to help with a bit of math motivation. 😉

MathReeces(Math lesson brought to you by Reece’s; photo by iPhone)

Tuesday we had Lindsey’s public school orientation. That was eye-opening. I haven’t really strolled the halls of a public high school since I attended one; some things have changed, but many things are the same. As we looked for her classes, Lindsey said, “I haven’t heard that much cussing in the past two years!” (since joining our family). When we left, trying to keep things light, I told Lindsey, “Well, looks like you’ve got a whole lot of chances to be salt and light while you’re here!

Lindsey was very upset that she has to be classified as a 9th grader because she has two 9th-grade classes. These two classes are not because our homeschool credits didn’t transfer, but because what the school requires is different than what she took. Apparently they changed the state policy on this last year, and they no longer base grade level on how many credits you have. She’s also rather upset all over again about circumstances when she was very young that caused her to get behind in school, and she’s not thrilled with the possibility that she may have four more years of school before she can graduate. I’m very curious to see how all of this plays out. No matter what, I know God’s got this under control.

We also had Kathryn’s open house for the homeschool enrichment classes she’ll be taking. She’ll be taking an art class with one of her cousins; she discovered that a new friend (the youngest daughter of the gal that played Ouiser in the “Steel Magnolias” play) will be in her American Girl class; and then in a quirky blogland-meets-real-life thing, the teacher in Kathryn’s last class recognized me from my blog!

A few quick highlights from our first week:

— Although I had a few ideas in mind for handiwork projects this week, Kathryn wanted to work on her own little patchwork doll blanket, so that was just fine with me.

patchwork blanket

— Kathryn wasn’t sure if she’d enjoy King Arthur, but once I started reading it, she really got into it. Lindsey was on the computer while I read, but I suspected she was listening in. Later, both girls commented that it was a really interesting story. And that was just after one chapter! Oh, how I love good literature!

— One day, as I was explaining something in math, I got myself a bit confused and stopped to clarify my thoughts before continuing. Kathryn jumped in and explained it to me! I asked if she thought she could just teach me math this year; she said no, but grinned about it.

— This morning, we did a nature study! I’m so excited to get back into weekly nature studies this year, and a blog post about this pond critter study will be forthcoming!

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