Weekly Report: Shoeboxes & a New ‘Do!

weekly report
Kathryn had a cold over the weekend, and although she still spent part of this week camped out on the sofa, she was able to do her schoolwork. The freedom to modify our days to meet the needs of an under-the-weather family member is one of the many things I love about homeschooling.

We ended up with four Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes this year, which is the most we’ve ever done. It’s always fun to find things to fill them with, and see just how crammed we can get them while still being able to fit on the lids! It’s also a big reality check to think that what we put in those boxes is all that most of those kids will get for Christmas this year. Our boxes included: toothbrush and toothpaste; comb or brush; crayons and colored pencils; pencils and sharpener; small book or coloring book; stuffed animal; gum and candy, silly putty, wooden whistles; a bouncy ball; other small toys; and a personal note in each one.

packing OCC Shoebox

OCC shoeboxes

One afternoon, we had some difficult moments with some unkind and disrespectful words spoken. Later that same day we read our Beautiful Girlhood chapter for the week, titled “Watch Your Tongue.” Kathryn said, “Is that book reading my mind today?” I told her that’s happened to me many times; when a devotion or sermon feels like its written just for me, that’s when I know it’s something God is really wanting me to learn. I’m thankful for this good discussion.

In history, we’re reading Genevieve Foster’s Abraham Lincoln’s World. We like it, and its bite-sized chapters. What I find most interesting is seeing what was going on in various parts of the world at approximately the same time in history. We’re also reading H.E. Marshall’s This Country of Ours. These are both part of Ambleside Online‘s history readings for Year 5, which is where almost all of our readings come from.

Kathryn again did all sorts of artsy-crafy things in her enrichment classes: she painted, made cloth napkin rings, and did some secret project she won’t tell me about because she may make it a gift. 😉

For literature, we’re still reading (and enjoying) King Arthur by Roger Lancelyn Green. Kathryn is almost constantly devouring books on her own as well. This week she read Rose in Bloom by Louisa May Alcott, who has become one of Kathryn’s favorite authors. She tells me I “have to” read it, so I plan to start it myself this weekend; I almost always enjoy Kathryn’s book suggestions.

My hopes of a nature study were thwarted by that doggone cold of Kathryn’s. I think I’m going to add in one of our Exploring Creation books soon to make sure we’re doing enough science.

In non-homeschool-related news, I got a new ‘do this week.

my new 'do

And next week, we’re off for Thanksgiving! Woohoo!

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