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Weekly Report: Fun times at VBS

We finished up our school year a couple of weeks ago, but it really sort of fizzled to a close, rather than ending with a bang. I think next year I’m going to try to have some sort of more official end so that we can celebrate accordingly. Of course there are a few things I’ll continue on with through the summer, like occasional math lessons so we don’t forget everything we’ve learned, but we’re taking at least a few weeks entirely off.

The main excitement for this week was our church’s version of VBS. A few years ago, our church decided to think out-of-the-box in regards to vacation bible school. Since most kids in the church have already heard the gospel message, the idea was to reach kids who wouldn’t necessarily attend a church program. Our children’s ministry came up with the idea of Playcation, which takes VBS out to various schools and parks in neighboring areas. This year there were ten locations!

Our good friend (and honorary “aunt” to the girls) Tina was a leader for one of the locations. Lindsey volunteered as the worship leader. Kathryn attended and was an unofficial helper, too.


This year’s theme was Super Heroes, which is the same VBS the youth (including Lindsey — and Ken, as a group leader!) did on their mission trip to the Dominican Republic on spring break. Except then, they had to learn and perform the songs in Spanish! One of a team of “super-heroes” came out to each site every day to do amazing feats like bending a metal rod with his bare hands!

Kathryn was super-excited that our cousin Cullen came to join in the fun for part of the time, too. Here, they’re modeling the “Armor of God” they made — with an added fun bonus of super-hero capes. 😉


It’s been crazy-hot here in Georgia right now, but thankfully, there were some trees for shade at the site. Unfortunately, the final day of playcation (Thursday) was rained out. Cullen and Kathryn were very disappointed.

The other really big deal this week: Brandon turned 20!

(Find more weekly wrap-ups at Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers.)

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CM in the City

Excellent idea to bring VBS into play areas! I really like that plan.

I’m also intrigued by your comment about the fizzle at the end. I’ve noticed that in some of our homeschooling support group events. A good welcome and “something” to note the ending of an event really make a difference. It’s hard to figure it out sometimes without going too overboard….would love it if you share ideas as you come up with them.

Congrats on a successful week. Enjoy the break!


I have been director for VBS in the past that is such a job and a half. I love the idea of taking it out to the communities. That is such a needed ministry but so much more work 🙂 I am looking at going to a year round school. Doing a 4 or 9 weeks on and so many weeks off. My kids have special needs and the idea of having time off to take care of doctors, therapies, and mommy need activities sounds appealing. Also I am hoping it will cut down on forgetting what we have already… Read more »

Tricia @Hodgepodge

Really fun! What an awesome way to do VBS. Love the fun photos. Looks like a busy week!

Sounds like fun! My kids haven’t done a VBS in awhile. I bet they would enjoy that.


What a totally awesome take on VBS!! Looks like everyone had a great time!


I’m interested in finding out how you organized the Playcation in the community? Did you have to get an okay from anyone to do it? Thanks!!!