Weekly Report: Week 23

I seriously love the fact that I can take pictures on my iPhone. They aren’t the same quality as my “real” camera, of course, but when there’s a quick moment I want to catch, it’s often easier to just pull out my phone instead of going to get the big camera. Two of those moments from this week:

Kathryn was beginning to feel better at the beginning of the week, but still spent the day camped on the couch. Lacy the WonderDog kept her company. Kathryn didn’t do much schoolwork that day, but did do her weekly readings, plus quite a bit of extra “free reading” that included Louisa May Alcott’s Little Men. I gave Kathryn the week off from math since she got a bit behind in work from the days she didn’t feel good.

In the other photo above (at right), Ken was helping Lindsey figure out a few challenging algebra problems. I’m not sure exactly why or how the snowman was involved, but whatever works!

Later in the week, the weather was glorious and Kathryn was finally feeling perky again, so the girls took Lacy on a walk; they stopped by my aunt’s house, and then my mom’s house along the way. (My family all lives really close by!) They raided Granma’s pantry for a snack, and let Lacy play with my mom’s little dog Mocha.
My mom took this photo while they were there:
Lindsey really likes the literature “Any Novel Study Guide” we’re using, and I promise to post more about that when we’ve completed one full study (which should be about two more weeks). I let her choose the novel this time around, so she’s reading Where the River Ends by Charles Martin — who just happens to be one my favorite fiction authors.

While spending some time outside enjoying the weather yesterday, Lindsey and Kathryn decided to make onions (growing wild in our yard) the nature study of the week. Any day that I can’t keep my kids indoors counts as a nature study, in my opinion!

In other science, both Lindsey and Kathryn are enjoying our study of whales this week in Swimming Creatures of the Fifth Day. In fact, as I was online researching what science we’ll do next year, Lindsey thought I wanted to switch from our current one this year, and said, “No! Don’t change science! I love it!” Even though it’s not technically high school level, she is learning much, and actually enjoying science again.

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Kris @ Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers

I’m glad to hear that Kathryn is feeling better. Hey, stuffed snowmen and Algebra? Why not? 😉

We have that Any Novel Study Guide, too. It’s great! We haven’t used it in awhile. Probably need to pull it back out.


Glad K is better! We’ve passed the flu around at our house, and it has been just BLAH around here 🙁

We live surrounded by extended family, too, and we love it! Precious memories!

Glad Science is working out so well for you – that’s great!


I enjoyed _Where the River Ends_, too. As for the snowman, our bunnies of ten join us on the couch for our readings. Just part of the joy of homeschooling!


It sounds like it turned out to be a pretty productive week even though Kathryn was sick 🙁 I have been struggling to find what works for our daughter (freshman, high school) this year and I have those ominous credits looming over our heads for end-of-year portfolios. I like the fact that you aren’t pushing Lindsey and she is beginning to enjoy learning. I would like to be a little more flexible with our own daughter who is struggling, (especially with science and algebra) but I am not sure what to do about credits. Georgia is about the same as… Read more »


I’m “another” Ellen 🙂

Jamie, are you using Instagram for your Iphone. One of your pics looks like you are using one of the antique-y filters. I love this app. Here is a link to a Facebook album I did during a family outing to the museum…

Also, I wanted to know, how early did you start homeschooling your kids?


so glad your daughter was feeling better! We shake the sickness for a little while and then it hits again 🙁 My daughter is on the couch with strep now!


LOL! And don’t forget you can pretend to be reading something on the phone and actually be setting up the picture. 🙂

We have a nice camera, but it’s usually somewhere near my 17yo, the photographer. By the time I find it, make sure the memory card is in it, and come back for the candid shot, the person has moved or hid. :p This week I figured out to use the phone on the sly.


Oops! I didn’t notice that it automatically filled in my old blog under the URL. Sorry!


I love seeing pics in blogs–any quality. I can’t wait to read about Any Novel Study Guide—I haven’t heard of it. Thanks for sharing your week.