Weekly Report: Week 24

It’s been a busy, fun week!

Lacy the WonderDog helped Lindsey with her Switched-On Schoolhouse algebra.
Lacy helps with algebra

Wednesday night at church, Kathryn met several missionaries and learned about their work in other countries; this is part of missions week at our church. This also completed what she needed to do to earn another GA’s badge.

This week, Lindsey started her first job: she’ll be babysitting one day a week for a family with two little girls. Great practice for homemaking and caring for children, plus she can start learning to manage money.

gem jar filled

Kathryn finished filling her gem jar for chores, so we girls went to have frozen yogurt as fulfillment of the goal attached to filling her jar. Yummy!
Menchie's yogurt!We’ve continued on with U.S. geography study state by state, and we’re continuing on with our early American history study through literature.

The highlight of our week was a field trip to the Georgia Aquarium to go along with our biology study of marine animals! Kathryn asked if she could start a little cross-stitch project she’s had for a while since it’s a dolphin; she’s almost done with it already! Handiwork to go with biology — cool!

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