Weekly Report: Week 25

This week has been a challenging one for our family (outside of homeschooling), but I believe even the challenges will end up becoming blessings as more things are finally out in the open where we can begin to deal with them. My energies have not been in schoolwork this week. That being said, we actually did manage to get most of our usual amount of work done…weekly report

I’m realizing that I am going to have to find a way to make math more enjoyable for Kathryn, or it will eventually become a big source of discord for us and will begin to hamper her learning. I am clueless about how to do much in the way of living math, but I’m going to have to learn. Even if I don’t manage to include much of that for the remainder of this school year, my focus needs to be different for next year.

Lindsey still likes Switched-On Schoolhouse Algebra. I don’t really know right now how much she is truly learning, but I think she’s gaining some confidence, and just not hating it is a big step in the right direction. I’d like to use more living math for her, too, eventually.

Both girls have been crafty this week, working on their own handiwork projects. Kathryn has been making a sort of patchwork quilt for her dolls by whipstitching together pieces of scrap felt. Lindsey has been working on a cross-stitch she started months ago and then put away for a while.

Keep in mind these are both works in progress!
Projects-In Process

I’ve decided that the sewing machine and I need to become friends so I can do a few of the projects I have in mind. (I can sew, but need Ken here to fix the sewing machine when I mess it up — which is often. This needs to change!)

Most subjects are continuing on as usual; nothing exciting to report in grammar or literature or history… I think I’m at that point in the year (combined with some added stress beyond school) when I have hit a bit of a wall. I want to plan for next year, but I’m not enthusiastic about the rest of this year. That’s not good, because we have a few months to go. I need to get a fresh dose of something — and soon!

If we can make it to Hobby Lobby tomorrow, we should be able to start working on ocean boxes to go along with our Swimming Creatures of the Fifth Day biology study.

One thing we are all rather excited about is that we just started sponsoring a child through Compassion International! In a couple of weeks, we should receive more information about Lucy in Kenya.

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