Weekly Report: Week 26

I think I can, I think I can, I think I can…
I’m still beating my head on that wall that seems to be caused by having the end of the year in sight. We have just two more weeks until we are taking a week off for spring break, so I hope to be re-fueled by the end of the break!
weekly report

Lindsey read Regina Silsby’s Secret War (historical fiction about the American Revolution), and she’s doing a literature study on a contemporary Christian fiction book (a favorite of mine!) Where the River Ends. She is not loving Wordsmith or Wordly Wise, and is desperately hoping I won’t require either one next year. I think we’re all “hitting the wall” in varying degrees right now.

As part of her history studies, Kathryn wrote in Cherokee!
Cherokee writing
Kathryn finished reading The Captain’s Dog and Minn of the Mississippi, and enjoyed them both. She is trudging through math, but has made peace with Wordly Wise and wants to do it again next year — partly because next year’s book is hot pink. {I love her logic!}

We still haven’t made much progress on our ocean boxes for our biology study. There’s always next week.

But we did measure whale lengths in our yard. In the iPhone picture below, Kathryn is standing about 60 feet away; this is the length of a sperm whale if it was laying in our driveway. After that, we measured the length of a blue whale: 110 feet. It’s a bit mind-boggling to see how HUGE a gray whale is!

Whale length

Other Activities:
Kathryn and the other GA girls visited with and sang for the folks in a nursing home across the street from our church. She earned a “Senior Friends” badge for this activity; I count this as community service as well as a blessing for both the girls and the residents. Also this week, Kathryn began a Bible class (3 times per month) at a nearby Messianic Jewish church where her dad sometimes attends. This class includes Hebrew language instruction, and since I’m interested in this myself, she has promised to teach me what she learns.

Lindsey is still participating in choir at our church each week, and has been attending training classes for her upcoming mission trip to the Dominican Republic. This trip will include many first for her, including her first time on an airplane!

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