Weekly Report: Week 3

weekly report

We started the week out wonderfully with a fantastic all day nature study/field trip! (See more about Canoeing the Chestatee!) I’m looking forward to doing more field trips this year, and this was a great first field trip for our homeschool year!


Kathryn’s weekly enrichment classes are going well, and she is still so excited about them! This week she started drawing a landscape that she’ll begin watercoloring next week; she started making an old-fashioned sock doll; and she did some ironing so that she can start sewing an apron. This artsy-crafty stuff is all right up her alley, so she has a great time.

I think ragweed season has started, because Kathryn’s allergies seem to be kicking in, but we’ve been able to have a few relaxed sleep-late days and still get our necessary schoolwork completed. That kind of flexibility is one of the many things I love about homeschooling. We can do most of schoolwork basics right on the couch, in-between breathing treatments. If she was in school, she’d have to miss those days and then make up the work.

Some of our history and science readings this year are about inventors like Robert Fulton, inventor of the steam boat, and Isaac Newton. Kathryn wasn’t so sure she’d like these readings, but she’s been pretty interested so far. We need to work on updating her timeline book next week.

I didn’t take pictures of our school days this week, other than on our canoe trip, but every post is better with a picture or two, so I’m including this one from yesterday evening when a cute bunny sat outside the window being cute. I think it was taunting Lacy, who desperately wanted to play with it.

Cute Bunny

For math this year, we’re using Singapore Primary Mathematics. We started this toward the end of last year because we just needed a change. Kathryn had become resistant to doing math, mostly because of a lot factors not particularly related to math, so we took a couple of weeks off entirely, then switched from Horizons to Singapore. I still love Horizons, and have no complaints with it, but if switching to something different helps us overcome hang-ups, then I am all for it.

Next week I’ll update more on how school is going for Lindsey. She did finally get books (and homework), and the physical training in JROTC is kicking wearing her out!

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Sounds like a great week! Would love to be able to canoe….what fun!
Blessings, Lisa


I love the pic of the bunny!! I hope changing it up with math works. I had not thought of that, but it’s a good idea. I did the location change up for ‘hard’ subjects, but if the book needs to look different, I can be open to that.

I want to do that canoeing as well! That looks fun!!


Oh, my kids would love to canoe!

Poor Kathryn! I know how she’s feeling! ((sigh)) It’s that rough time of year for seasonal allergies!

I love the perspective of your bunny shot!

Stopping by from Kris’s Weekly Wrap-up!


I love reading your blog. Last year we read about Robert Fulton and then on our road trip from Texas to the Creation Museum in Kentucky we got to browse the steamboat museum on the Ohio River….very cool for us indeed!!! Have a great weekend. And…..Robert Fulton was not the one with the original idea….he is just the one that got the credit….interesting!!


We switched to Singapore at the end of last year and all of my kids love it! (My husband is a mathemetician/math educator and he is a big fan of it.) ~K


Love the bunny stalking picture!!!


Hi Jamie! Thanks for stopping by my blog….Let the KIDS do the garden! That’s what I do! My oldest son (12) plans, orders, plants, weeds, waters, and I harvest! LOL


Hi Jamie ~ interesting to hear about your switch from Horizons to Singapore. We have used Horizons for two years and I love the rigor and mastery, but we are supplementing this year with living math (Charlotte Mason things) for my oldest.

How is it living in the Homeschool and public school worlds at the same time? I bet it’s interesting.

So glad you had a good week!


See, now I’m jealous!
Beautiful trip! And what a great experience for you daughter.

Our virtual Hawaii trip sounds fun, but your takes the cake! :-}


I love to go to canoe with my family. We always enjoy a trip like this. I like you post, it made me think of treating my family out for this week end.


Jamie, I, too, am planning more field trips this year. I have always wanted to do more, but tend to get caught up in the “musts” of home education; i.e., How can we take a day off when we MUST get this math (or these readings or this project, whatever) done!” I lose sight that the trips are educational, not to mention fun and different.


I love hearing about the Chestatee. I kayaked down the Broad River north of Athens this summer and loved it. Great to learn about this other beautiful spot.