Weekly Wrap-Up: Orientations & More

This was the week with all the orientation meetings, since we are a brand new family to the homeschool hybrid academy Lindsey will be attending. This was also the week where we had to buy logo-emblazoned shirts from the uniform store, and find a couple pairs of somewhat-cool  pants for Lindsey that meet dress code requirements. Old Navy fit the bill for one pair of khaki and one pair of navy pants. She only attends two days each week, so we don’t have to have too many uniform clothes — which is good because the budget wouldn’t take much more!

I thought about starting school this week, but Lindsey’s classes start next week, so I decided to just wait until then. It worked out well because Kathryn had a little cold (or maybe a bout of wicked allergies) and was feeling a little “under the weather” for the first part of the week. So I continued my organizing rampage; I even organized the junk drawer and threatened to behead anyone who junks it back up. (Yeah, that’s a bit harsh, but my “junk” drawer has never looked this good!)
junk drawer

Lindsey practiced her homemaking skills by babysitting a teething six-month old (who happens to be one of our little cousins). She also planned and cooked dinner one night this week. Both girls will be responsible for at least one night’s dinner each week; I’ve never been strong in the meal-planning department, so I hope this will help learn well by the time they are managing their own homes!

Kathryn and PuppyAlmost three weeks ago, a foster-dog at my aunt’s house had puppies. Kathryn is enamored by them, and would spend every waking moment holding and loving puppies if I’d let her. This morning, she had a puppy in her lap for almost three hours. She swapped them out every now and then to give them all a fair share of loving. 😉 It’s actually been a pretty neat up-close way of watching their development. Their eyes are open now, but today was the first day any of them even attempted walking. So, let’s call this nature study.

Lindsey’s friend Deanna was scheduled to start homeschooling this week, but she ended up in the hospital with salmonella, colitis, and strep. Yuck. She’s back home now, but even this scary experience was used for good. My friend (Deanna’s new mom) said this on facebook today:

“Thankful for the Joy of Christ this morning.  A four day hospital visit with our new daughter (of three short weeks) brought on a brief feeling of inferiority and inadequacy~when faced with a seemingly impossible situation, I don’t have to look far for the Truth. He is superior and adequate to equip me for anything. God has allowed this time of bonding with a precious soul!”

And last Friday, Lindsey and I began our mother-daughter Girl Talk book study on Biblical Womanhood. We chatted over coffee at a nearby Starbucks, and had a pretty good discussion; nothing too deep, but she was a willing participant. Today we had our study/chat over lunch, but yesterday we had an unplanned heartfelt and tearful talk which was a big step in the right direction for us. We both got some things out in the open that neither of us knew how to say up until then. This parenting thing isn’t easy. But as my friend said (in that quote above), Christ is adequate to equip me for anything. And that’s very good news.

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Sounds like a good week. I love your organized junk drawer and your daughter and the puppy are too cute!


That puppy is too cute. Hope your first week starts off great!!


I’m curious about your younger daughter cooking. I’ve thought maybe I should teach my boys to cook but I’m nervous about them around the hot stove (They’re 7 and 5). Does she cook using the stove, oven, and sharp knives? Do you sit there with her to make sure she’s being safe? I’m so curious. I’d love some help around the kitchen now and then. 🙂


Junk drawers, puppies and mother-daughter talks – my kind of blog post! Hope it’s a great year for all of you! When you’re ready to talk about joint field trip opportunities, let me know!

Kris @ Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers

Sounds like a wonderful week. I’m so glad you and Lindsey were able to talk. I can only imagine how hard it might be to cross some of those spaces where you’re afraid of saying the wrong thing or of how to say what you want to say.

The puppies are so cute! I think it’s great that you’ve been able to watch them develop. What a great science course.

I’m glad Deanna is okay. That sounds like a pretty rough time for her, but I love when God uses those moments for good.


I love your organized junk drawer! I’ll bet that makes you smile every time you open the door and look in there.

Great idea to have the girls cook one night a week. I’m thinking I may have to do that at my house too – maybe every night! Just kidding!

Best wishes on your first week of school next week.


Giggly Girlds

Wow! I’ve never seen such a nice junk drawer!!

Sorry to hear about your friend. I’m glad to hear she’s on the mend.

Can’t wait to hear about the first week.

Carol Flett

I love what you are doing with your girls. I took our older granddaughter for weekly cooking lessons when she was 8 yrs. old. She had a very low self esteem, but after a few lessons and a tea party by invitation, where she made and served the tea and cookies, she started coming out of her shell. She is a well adjusted 20 yr old now who loves to cook.

Carol Flett


So glad for your mother/daughter talk complete with tears. I’m sure that was a special bonding experience. Bonding is a journey. I’m so in awe that God has called us on this journey. May He draw you ever closer to each other through Him!


Love the puppy – I get why she keeps on cuddling them LOL… I would too! I’ve only seen kittens at that age, would love to see puppies! And yes, it’s a legit part of home ed!!

Thanks for sharing about the mother/daughter blog and recent events with Lindsey’s friend… I so often get teary when I read your blog… good tears of course!! So happy for you guys.