Weekly Wrap-Up: A New Semester!

weekly wrap up

Last weekend, Kathryn performed in the play “Little Women.” This was with the same production company we’ve worked with before in several plays (including “Anne of Green Gables” when Ken and I also performed!), and when we heard what play they’d be doing, Kathryn was eager to participate because she loves the book and the movie. One of the things I love about this troop is that it is mostly homeschooled kids, but also includes kids that attend public schools and private schools. Kathryn played one of the not-so-nice school girls. She’s the one in the green dress standing towards the left of the photo below. In this scene, she and a clique of girls are making fun of the poor children in class. Lindsey said Kathryn did a great job because she acted like “mean girl” even though she’s sweet in real life.


I really wasn’t sure how this week was going to go. We’ve been off for three weeks, and this was the first week back to homeschooling with Lindsey at home full time. But we made it! I made an effort each morning to get up in plenty of time to have my own prayer/Bible reading before the girls got up, and I believe that made a huge difference, particularly in my own attitude — and I’ve learned that my attitude tends to be contagious with the kids, whether bad or good.

Another difference this week is in our schedule. I made more of an effort to be physically present at the table during most of the time the girls were doing their table work. I say “girls” because, as a pleasant surprise, Lindsey wanted to do most of her schoolwork at the table with us, rather than in her room. She really made an effort this week to be pleasant, too; in the past, mornings have not gone well because she tends to be rather grumpy, but this week was different. I really think there has been a big shift — for the better — in her attitude lately (a post for another time).

At one point this week, Lindsey told me, “I actually kind of enjoyed school today.You have NO IDEA how huge a praise that is. I could cry thinking about it. Again, another topic to write about later. Lindsey’s favorite subject so far is writing with WordSmith.

One of the schedule changes I’ve made is in keeping some time after lunch for art projects, painting, nature study, or handiwork. We didn’t do all I’d hoped to do this week, but Kathryn was excited about getting back into doing more of these types of things, and eagerly painted two different watercolor pictures she drew herself.


Lindsey had lots of life skills practice this week! She has been saving money for an upcoming mission trip, so recently, we opened a savings account for her. Since then, I’ve taught her how to make deposits and withdrawals. This week, she filled out application forms for her passport and Ken took her to get it. She also started on a letter she’ll send to a few family members asking for support for the mission trip she’s going on in April. There are two trips she wants to go on this year with our church, but she has to earn (or raise) her own money to go. One more big life skill: she got to DRIVE a little this week. {thud} Oh, sorry — that was just me fainting!

Lindsey Driving

The snow last week delayed our mail and other deliveries. Finally this week, everything we expected to get last week arrived all on one day, including the Wii game Just Dance 2. As soon as the girls saw it, they begged to take a school break to dance. I declared it Physical Education — which is Reason #342 why I love homeschool!

Just Dance

Another happy arrival this week: my new desk. The box looked like it had been severely abused, but everything was okay inside, including the glass top. My dad gave us some Christmas money, and I used it for this desk (which was only $99 at Target online!). The girls like it better than the old desk, too. Here, Kathryn is practicing typing with a fun, free site: Dance Mat Typing.

new computer desk

We were a little behind in Kathryn’s timeline book; my fault for not keeping up with which figures she was suppose to add when. But she’s mostly caught up now. It has surprised me how much she enjoys this.

timeline book

This week, we did not accomplish a nature study; we did not do all the science I’d intended to do; we did not do any sewing or handiwork; Lindsey did no formal math whatsoever.

Despite all that was left undone, this was a good week.