Weekly Wrap-Up: Early Days of Summer

This just felt like a week that needed a weekly wrap-up, even though we are taking a summer break from school.

We did an unplanned nature study on balloon flowers (a.k.a. Chinese bell flowers). Lindsey has deemed them one of her favorite varieties of flowers, because they are a pretty purple color, and because they are rather unique in the way they look like little balloons before the bloom opens. That led us to bring one in and inspect it more closely, and we noticed that the inner parts of the flower (anthers, stamens, pistils) looked different in some of the flowers. So we looked that up online and found this amazing post with fantastic macro photographs and a wonderful explanation of how the flowers are pollinated, and how they have a back-up plan to self-pollinate if necessary. This was the first time Lindsey was enthusiastic about a nature study. I didn’t even suggest that we do a nature journal entry because I didn’t want to curb her enthusiasm.

I began what I hope will be a long series of guest post adoption stories. Several other folks are working on their stories now, and I hope to post one each week for however long I can. If you know anyone who has an adoption story they might be willing to share, even if they do not have a blog, please have them contact me! I think God is stirring the hearts of many people to consider adoption! I can’t share all the details yet, but I know for a fact he’s working in the lives of some friends of ours — and not just one family! I am so excited and encouraged!

On Wednesday, we celebrated my birthday (see yesterday’s post).

We are finally finishing our back porch. My dad started it, but had some health problems that didn’t let him finish it completely, and Ken just has not had time, so we got what we considered a reasonable quote to finish things. The first order of business was to finish the roofing. Tuesday afternoon, not long after Ken got home from work, I was working on the computer, glancing out the window from time to time to see how progress was coming, since my desk is right by a window that overlooks the backyard. I heard a loud thud, and assumed the workers had thrown something off the roof — until I heard moaning. When I looked out, I saw that one of the men had fallen off the roof. I told Ken and he ran out there, trying to make sure the man didn’t move. We were going to call 911, but the man refused. Ken and the other man gently helped him into a reclining outdoor chair, but could not move him farther than that; he was in too much pain. They moved him (in the chair) into the shade and made him as comfortable as possible until his girlfriend came to drive him to the hospital. The next day we got the update: he had broken several ribs, one leg, and injured his hip. He had been admitted to the hospital, so thankfully, he had IV pain meds at that point. He is expected to make a full recovery, but it won’t be quick. We are praying for him, but if you want to offer up a prayer on his behalf, I’m sure he could use it. We’re so thankful he was not hurt worse; if he’d fallen off anywhere else, he would have landed on a tree stump or a sawhorse or their power tools. Very scary.

So far we haven’t had too much “I’m bored” to deal with — but the summer is still young. Lindsey is having a couple of planning meetings each week to prepare as a volunteer for our church’s community VBS program later this month. She’s been doing some occasional odd jobs for our neighbor to make a little money, and that has kept her occupied on those days as well. Kathryn is finishing a fairly involved cross-stitch project she’s been working on for a while. And we’re doing a lot of reading.

I bought Kathryn a new devotional Bible last week — for “tweens” — and she loves it. I also bought Lindsey a new devotion book, so this week both of the girls started doing their own devotions each morning. Also, after much talk of doing so, we finally started doing evening devotions as a family. Yea! I’m so proud of my girls for starting these daily devotions, and for the wonderful way Ken is leading of our family devotions.

This summer I am taking some time to re-focus. In addition to my morning quiet time, I am digging into the MotherWise Bible study I’ve had sitting around gathering dust. I just finished reading Radical by David Platt, and it is another rock-my-world sort of book. (Check out the short video clip about the book here.) I’m also doing more planning for our homeschool year, and getting excited about it!