Weekly Wrap-Up: Not Quite Yet

We were not ready to get started with school this week, but we’re making progress! I have organized (and organized some more!), bought school supplies, weeded through old supplies, cleaned off shelves, and finished my “wall of inspiration” over my desk (in it’s new location closer to our schoolroom table). I totally stole the idea from Sprittibee.

wall of inspiration

My homeschool moms’ support group started back this week. I’m in charge of doing the member directory this year, since I had already volunteered to do everyone’s mug shots profile photos. And I’m so excited that my cousin Jonnia joined this year! The main theme of our inspiring talks at this meeting is the importance of staying under the umbrella of God’s protection in all we do, including our decisions in our homeschools. As a reminder, we were all given these adorable pink umbrellas embroidered with the phrase, “Covered by His grace.” Now it just needs to rain so I can use it! 😉 (Thanks to Kathryn for modeling!)


Lindsey is continuing with color guard rehearsals twice a week, plus extra practice time at home. She’s showing Ken how to spin the rifle, too.

Rifle Spinning

Flag Twirling

Kathryn did a little redecorating this week by embellishing her bedroom walls with stick-on flowers and butterflies. I let her do it entirely herself: a big deal for me. She enjoyed doing it, and is quite pleased with the results.

Kathryn's Room

We were called for another NILMDTS session, the second in less than one week. This was the first one I did a session entirely on my own, without Ken there for moral support. It went as well as it ever can, and I got some beautiful pictures. My heart always breaks for this sort of thing, but this particular session broke my heart on many levels because the mother is a fifteen-year-old girl. Lindsey’s age. A child herself. There just aren’t words.

But good news: we got word that Lindsey did get accepted into the hybrid homeschool academy, and we feel like that will be a great fit for her. Orientation is next week, and classes begin the following week. We picked up her books yesterday, and I have now posted a page of this year’s curriculum, so check that out if you’re interested!