Weekly Wrap-Up: Week 11

weekly wrap upA highlight of Kathryn’s week was when I bought her a lap desk at Target. $12 later, she is a very happy girl. She has doodled “I love lapdesks” on her papers and has enumerated the many wonderful reasons for having a lap desk. I got some serious good-mom points for this purchase. Now she does the majority of her schoolwork while cozily situated on the sofa.
Her idea for a photo about her new lap desk:

Kathryn’s history studies are still focusing on colonial America. This week she read about colonial schools, clothing, and games. She was particularly amused by the “puddings” worn by colonial toddlers: sort of round pillows that encircled their middles to protect them if they fell. She did a few rebus puzzles, which were popular in colonial times, and worked a bit on her cross-stitch project, which of course was a skill very valued in colonial days. She finished reading the story of Mary Jemison, and is still reading Calico Captive. We are working on some of the projects to go in her “Colonial Life” lapbook this week, too.

In math, Kathryn is reviewing skills and adding to them. In equations, for instance, she has begun equations that require an additional step to solve. Division problems are getting longer and more complicated. She’s learning about educated guessing. She’s still doing word problems, working with money problems, and more.

The state for Kathryn’s geography study this week was West Virginia. She also played some really great online USA geography games, like “map snap” and “State the State.” (The site is called CoolMath4Kids, but there are non-math games on there.) I was seriously impressed with how well she did! Better than I would do!

“Bees & Wasps” finished up Kathryn’s science unit on insects in Christian Kids Explore Biology. Nature study consisted of… well, not that much. But we did play outside a little on the non-rainy days this week, and she got ourdoors for a nice walk with Ken earlier today.

I wanted to share a few of Kathryn’s Bible notebook pages. I don’t give instructions about this other than to make a notebook page at least once a week based on something from our daily Bible readings. The one on the left is from Deuteronomy, when Moses shares his parting words before going up the mountain to die; all those circles are the people gathered ’round to listen. On the right, Kathryn has depicted a scene from Joshua, complete with arrows and swords flying through the air, and the city on fire.

Extra-curricular stuff: Lindsey does not have a game this week (yay!) but did still have color guard practices as usual. The football team will have at least one (maybe two) playoff games before we are completely done with the season. We still have a few more weeks of Lindsey’s drivers’ ed class, but I’m looking forward to that coming to an end because it will free up our schedule SO much just to have that one class over and done with! Kathryn is still enjoying her chess class, though it would be more fun if there were a few more kids, and she’ll soon be starting rehearsals for a play she’ll have a small role in.

THANKS AGAIN to everyone who linked up to the Weekly Wrap-Up when I had the pleasure of guest-hosting last week, but be sure to pop on over to link up with Kris, our regular host, this week!

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Your daughter’s bible notebook pages are lovely – what a good idea!



Chuckle – I lurve Kathryn’s excited, delighted face in that pic! You certainly deserve Brownie Points for that desk!

Kathryn’s Bible notebook pages are fantastic. I am planning on doing something sililar next year, and this gives me something to plan around. Thanks.


I just love the way subject notebooks look. They’re so motivating to me. And I agree with your daughter – I like my lap desk, too!

Kris @ Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers

Love Kathryn’s “thumbs-up” photo! Don’t you just love when you get Brownie points for something relatively simple? It’s great when our kids are delighted by the little things.

The notebooking pages look great!

Thanks for hosting the Wrap-Up last week!


Yay for lapdesks! I think I’ll have to be on the lookout for these, I’d have 2 happy kids if they could do their work comfortably on the sofa. 🙂

Annie Kate

Lapdesks are a great idea! I’m wondering if I could make some for Christmas.

Thanks for showing the notebook pages. I’m going to get my girls to make some cheerful and bright like that for their science. They’ve only been using pencil, no color.

Annie Kate


My son loves his lapdesk too:)! Thanks for sharing the geography game link.


I wish my girls would use their lapdesks. We’ve had them for years, but mainly use them on our three-day junket to Maine every summer. Perhaps is I show them how much Kathryn loves hers…

Thanks for the geography web link — I’ll check that out!


Aw, you got “good mommy points” that is cute;) I love that she is making her own drawings on your Bible lessons. I am looking forward to our girls getting older and doing more drawing. God bless. I am popping over from


I remember when my Grandmother bought me a lap desk when I was about 9. I LOVED it – wonder what ever happened to it. I’ve wanted to buy ones for my kiddos but I’m so frugal/cheap that I can’t bring myself to spend $20+ on one. I always hope I’ll find one at a yard sale or something.

Now I’m feeling guilty – maybe I’ll buy them for Christmas. Anyone know how to make a lapdesk… see, I’m painfully frugal…