Weekly Wrap-Up: Week 21

weekly wrap upI usually make notes throughout the week with the highlights of what we’ve done, and I’m realizing right now as I sit here that apparently I don’t remember much without a WHOLE lot of thought if I haven’t written it down. So, here are a few highlights I do remember…

Switched-On Schoolhouse math is still going well for Lindsey. Kathryn likes her Horizons math, but since it is published by the same company, and since she has seen how nifty Lindsey’s math program is, she kind of likes the idea of doing SOS math herself next year. The cost is about the same, so we’ll decide when we get closer to the end of the year.

We’re a little slow on our history projects and such, but keeping up with our history readings. Kathryn just finished reading Fever 1793 about the epidemic in 18th century Philadelphia, and Lindsey is reading Blood on the River about the Jamestown Colony.

One relaxing afternoon, the girls spent some time working together on a crossword puzzle book. (Sisterly moments like this make me happy.)


Overall, the girls like Wordly Wise well enough for vocabulary, but there’s one exercise in each lesson that they both complain about. We’re working on attitudes. Which means, of course, that I have to set the example of doing un-fun things cheerfully. Lindsey still really likes Wordsmith for writing, and Kathryn has been doing great with creative writing with Story Starters.

We have all these wonderful things we could — and should — be doing with science, but we haven’t this week. We are behind. And we did not do a nature study, or any art or handiwork projects. I’m not beating myself up about it too much, but it is a reminder of how much better we all function when we stick to our [approximate] daily schedule.

The highlight of the week for the girls was when Ken took them both to the father-daughter Valentine’s dance last night, but I’ll post about that tomorrow. 🙂

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I love the quiet moment on the couch with your girls. They just look so sweet!


Oh, can’t wait to read about your husbands daddy-daughter date. With two girls myself, I love those kind of things!

Annie Kate

Oh, so THAT’s how you always get such detailed wrap-ups! I did wonder. LOL

I love the picture of the girls on the couch.

Being behind is part of life, sometimes, isn’t it? I’m thrilled we’re halfway, but I know we ‘should’ have reached that goal a few weeks ago. Oh well, who cares as long as we’re learning.


Annie Kate

kelly @ In Everything

Love that pic of the girls on the couch together!!

And I’m right there with you about not getting everything I wanted to get completed, completed…. but we did do enough and we’ll do some more next week:)


Definitely do NOT beat yourself up about being “behind.” That’s when stress starts building and with it some guilt (I don’t know about you, but I don’t need any extra guilt!). Your girls are learning, learning, learning, and enjoying a lovely life, too.


I will bet that I know which exercise in Wordly Wise your girls don’t like! My daughter doesn’t like it either!

Thanks for posting about your weekly progress, it helps me to see what other moms are doing! I’m totally new at this so…we’re still finding our way.