Weekly Wrap-Up: Weeks 8 & 9

weekly wrap upI did not post a wrap-up last week, so this’ll be a two-in-one — if I can remember what the heck we did, because I feel a little like my head isn’t screwed on quite straight right now. This was Ken’s closing week at work, which means 13+ hour days for him, and more running around for me since he usually does some of the driving to and from practices and church activities and such. We’re both glad this week is done.

Last week, Kathryn and I actually did a nature study on the signs of fall. The weather was hot again for most of this week, but next week I’m hoping to kickstart what I hope will be [almost] weekly nature studies. In biology, Kathryn has just finished up a unit on reptiles.

Kathryn uses The United States of America: A State-by-State Guide and Kids Learn America for her state geography studies and notebooking page. She still watercolors a map of the state we study each week, too.

There is no purpose for including this photo in this post. But I have a cute dog.

In history, we just finished up our study of the early explorers and made our very first lapbook (see previous post), and now we are moving on to studying colonial America. Kathryn learned about colonial tools and homes, played an interactive online game about the Jamestown colony, finished reading Blood on the River, and began reading Calico Captive.

For Bible study, Kathryn is still liking Character Traits for Kids from WinterPromise. Each week focuses on one character trait; for weeks 8 & 9, those were “Loving Service” and “Faithfulness.” Each morning, Kathryn reads a short devotion in her Real Life Devotional for Kids Bible, and we read out of the daily chronological Bible. She is suppose to make a page for her Bible notebook each week, but we’re a little behind on that right now. Lindsey is doing Wise Up: Experience the Power of Proverbs, but she’s been a little behind on that, too.

Many of our evenings look like this: Kathryn finishing up a project of some sort (in this case, her entry for the Girls in Action cookbook cover contest), and Ken helping Lindsey with her math. I am sooooo thankful that he is such a great dad and willing to devote time after his workday to helping with school!


I can’t begin to tell you how glad we are that Lindsey’s season of ColorGuard is almost over! It’s been fun, and she has loved it, but it takes up at least three evenings every week, which doesn’t leave much time for family activities. Tonight is their last regular season game, and then they’ll have playoffs next week. And then we’re done. {insert HUGE sigh of relief here}

This weekend, I have more planning to do. I planned nine weeks of school, and knew I’d need to re-evaluate after that, but my goal for the weekend is to plan nine more weeks. I’ll be eliminating a few things, and trying to figure out how to actually do some of the things we have yet to accomplish. And we need to seriously re-work Lindsey’s school-day schedule, too; she needs more structure, but I don’t want to be all dictator-ish about it, so we’ll have to figure out how to find a happy balance.

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Oh please, please post more about your planning, particularly about how you evaluate and rearrange things. I need to plan further out, but I cannot imagine planning for nine weeks in just one weekend! (Maybe I should, though.) 🙂 ~K

Giggly Girls

Congrats on your first lapbook. It looks great!


Sounds like a great week! We finished up baseball this week and so I totally understand the big sigh of relief! I only plan by the week – for some reason I never considered planning 6 or 9 weeks in advance. Hmmm. . . something to think about!

Kris @ Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers

You do have a cute dog. I’d take her in a heartbeat if I could wrestle her away from you. 😉

Annie Kate

I’m ready to regroup and reorganize too. I’ll need to plan for the next 6 weeks, since we work by half-trimesters around here. Mind you, we’re nowhere near finished the work that my papers say we would have finished by now….but that’s OK. I don’t schedule my older kids’ days at all, other than to say that they’d better be doing schoolwork in the mornings, and some in the afternoons unless they are not behind at all. And I reserve the right to interrupt them every day for French, whenever it suits me. In other words, when my little one… Read more »


Sounds like a great week! Love the pic of the dog! Thanks for stopping by my first ever Weekly Wrap-Up! :o)


I am so thankful I’m not the only one who needs to do some reevaluating, regrouping and planning! 9 weeks seemed like such a long time when I was working on it before the school year and now *bam*, it’s time to do it again!