What I’m loving right now

There’s nothing like a good ol’ random post, right? Or is that just me and my random-thinking brain? Am I alone in my love of random?

Regardless, let’s talk about some of what’s making me smile lately.

books that make me think

No matter what genre, I like books to inspire my thinking and stretch my brain. Lately, these are a few I’ve enjoyed: All the Light We Cannot See: A Novel (historical fiction); An Altar in the World: A Geography of Faith (memoir); and on a completely different topic, Ignite the Fire: The Secrets to Building a Successful Personal Training Career (personal development).

book collage

weight training

Kettlebells, cable machine, Smith machine, dumbbells: these are my new BFFs. No matter what your workout “thing” (the type of program you enjoy most), everyone can benefit adding in some weight training. It’s a great way to increase strength, of course, but also to prevent bone density loss. And if you’re over 40 (like me!) you have reached the age where you are losing more and more muscle as time goes by; this is called sarcopenia, my friends. I’m kicking it’s booty with weight training! You don’t have to lift heavy (body weight exercises count, too!), but studies show even just 20 minutes of strength training may improve your memory by 10%.

blooming flowers

Whether in my own garden (like these) or anywhere else — even roadside and wild — flowers are a pure dose of happy.

flower collage

spring weather

Sure, there’s pollen, which brings sneezy kids and headaches for me. But I’m loving this spring weather. Many times here in Georgia we skip straight from winter to sweltering summer, so I’m appreciating the kinder, gentler spring we’ve been enjoying.

Fun workout tanks

I’m having fun with my little collection of exercise tanks. I’m especially loving my tops from Cross Training Couture because in addition to being made from super comfy, flowy Bella tanks, I like their inspiring messages. (I’m also digging Next Level burnout tanks like this one I found on etsy.)

workout shirt

walks with dogs

Now that my dogs behave [better, not perfect!] on leash, walks are so much more enjoyable. It’s a good bonding experience, re-establishing us as a “pack,” good exercise, and a nice way to enjoy all that spring weather! Studies have shown that taking a walk (even without a dog) boosts your mood can reduce stress and depression by as much as 19%. Plus, being in nature, particularly surrounded by the color green, boosts creativity. So it’s a good thing all around.

What are YOU into lately??