Who Reads Me?

A month or so ago, I conducted a little reader survey to find out who the heck reads this blog! For those interested, here are the stats:

98% of my readers are female.

95% of my readers are married.

94% of my readers are parents. Of those…
more than half (56%) have 3 – 5 children;
42% have one or two children;
2% have more than five children.

90% are stay-at-home parents.

74% are bloggers.

Most readers (68%) are between the ages of 25-40;
30% are over the age of 40.

88% homeschool their children, or are considering it.

12% of readers are adoptive or foster parents,
another 14% are in process or considering it. (Exciting!)

I received so many sweet, encouraging comments, so THANK YOU if you were one of those! I just love y’all!