10 simple healthy habits you can start today

As a homeschooling mom, I get how hard it can be to keep fitness and healthy eating as a priority. My latest example: in order to get out the door for a run, I’ve started bringing my youngest with me, even though I prefer my runs as alone time for clearing my mind. (He enjoys it!) We cannot let kids or busyness stop us from taking care of ourselves. Self-care isn’t selfish; it’s essential.

I’m sharing ten habits you can easily incorporate into your life. These relatively small things can make a BIG difference in your overall health. Start with one at a time if you need to. Even if you’re already active and fit, you can still probably improve upon some of these; I know I can!

healthy habits you can start today

1) hydrate

Most people don’t drink enough water, but it’s absolutely essential for your body. It helps your process food, flush out toxins, and even helps your skin look better! Make a point of keeping a beverage nearby; water is best but other drinks do count, too. Kids tend to dehydrate even more quickly than adults so pay extra close attention to their water intake.

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