6 things making me happy right now

It doesn’t take much to make me happy, really. I have a few requirements: sleep; tea; a little sunshine, or if it’s a cloudy/rainy day, more sleep. Plus good workouts, and snippets of quiet whenever I can get them. But sometimes little things make me extra-happy. So I’m sharing a few of my current happy-making things right now.

1-Ninja bullet blender

I use a blender not quite daily but often enough to justify leaving it on the counter rather than inside a cabinet. {Protein shakes!} However, the upper cabinets in our kitchen are mounted oddly low so many things don’t fit, including the blender I’ve used the past few years. I bought this smaller easy-to-use but powerful “bullet blender” a few weeks ago. It does a great job, is easy to clean, AND it fits where I need it to! You can simply take the lid off and drink right out of the cup you blended it in.

2-Trader Joe’s Harvest Blend caffeine-free tea

TJ's harvest blend tea

I start my day with black tea but I’m sensitive to caffeine so I can’t have it much past lunchtime if I want to sleep well at night. (Refer to previous point of SLEEP listed as my top happy-Jamie formula.) But I also really enjoy a nice cup of tea in the evening and decaf versions of my faves are yucky. This lovely little blend, however, is quite delightful, especially in the fall. You can buy it on amazon but you’ll get a better price in store.

3-barber shop style

A chick in a barber shop? Heck, yeah! I’ve got my shortest pixie yet — and I’m loving it. I can’t seem to convince salon stylists that I won’t cry if they cut it really short. Bonus: a barber shop cut costs less! He did a fantastic job and I’ll be going back to him next time, too.

4-Turkish get-ups

This exercise is hard, requires not just strength and mobility, but a heckuva lot of concentration, and works more muscles than probably any other exercise I’ve done. It’s a skill I’ve wanted to learn for quite some time but couldn’t quite figure it out until I worked with a more experience trainer who specializes in kettlebells. Part of why I love this exercise is the complexity, giving my mind as much of a workout as my body.

Great tutorial here if you’re interested in seeing what I’m talking about, or improving your own form if this is already something you incorporate in your own workouts.

5-a whale wearing an elf hat

But seriously. I got fun mama points for this bit of decorating inspiration.

happy whale

6-Mrs Meyer’s apple cider cleaning spray

I might start wearing this as perfume, and that’s saying something because I am crazy-sensitive to scents and hate most of them. This makes me want to clean the kitchen counters 83 times a day. I may have to stock up and buy a year’s supply! It’s out of stock on Mrs. Meyer’s site but I bought mine at Target so look there. You can also buy dish soap in this heavenly scent!

What’s making YOU happy right now?