Stronger in 2015

a year of becoming stronger
My focus for 2015: becoming STRONGER, mind, body, and soul.

This means:

  • strengthening my body through exercise and good food;
  • challenging myself mentally and continuing my own education;
  • making time for creative pursuits, like art;
  • building stronger relationships within our family in a variety of ways;
  • nurturing meaningful friendships;
  • remembering that my most important earthly relationship is with my husband, and making time and effort to strengthen my marriage;
  • re-building my battered faith through accountability and fellowship in a Bible study group, as well as my own personal quiet time;
  • …and a whole lot of other stuff I haven’t defined yet.

Of course, since this is going to be such a big focus for me, I’m going to be sharing about all of this with you.

I’ve already seen the difference working out daily has made in my mental well-being. I’m just nicer. Well, maybe not always nicer (you’d have to ask my family about that!), but definitely more sane. I’m already getting stronger physically, too; I can even do a push-up now, which is really big deal for this bird-arm girl! My progress is prompting me to make generally better/healthy habits — like eating more real foods and experimenting with essential oils for my sometimes wonky hormones, an ADHD child, and more.

I’d love to know what healthy living sorts of topics you’re interested in. There will be a part in my reader survey (in my next post!) where you can tell me anything you’d like to see more of here in the coming year, whether it’s something I already write about or something I haven’t delved into much yet.