Homemade Aprons

A few years ago, Kathryn started wishing for her very own apron. I don’t know where she got the notion; probably from something she was reading. Anyway, for her birthday last year, I made her a little homemade apron, and she was delighted with it. She wears it on every possible occasion–and she’s more enthusiastic about helping in the kitchen!

Kathryn loves her apron
(Kathryn, age 7)

Kathryn’s happy cooking ideas were just not complete. however, unless she and I BOTH had cute aprons. So I made one for myself that looked vintage-ish, because that’s what I love!

my homemade apron

Ken took this photo while Kathryn and I were making Christmas cookies one year. I do like my little homemade apron, and I feel rather blissfully domestic while wearing it, but one of these days, I’m going to get myself a real vintage one!