How do you read so much?

I’m often asked how I read so much. The answer: I have no social life.

Okay, that’s not really the answer — although I really am a major introvert and quite happily a homebody. My idea of a good time is getting cozied up in my favorite chair or on the porch listening to the birds, with a cup of tea in one hand and a book in the other.

love to read

Besides my lack of a jam-packed social calendar, I believe the following factors make the biggest difference in how frequently I read.

5 habits that help me read so often:

1) I don’t watch much TV.

Usually only a few hours a week. We recently discovered This is Us and my reading life took a hit as we caught up on the seasons we’d missed! And no, this doesn’t count when my husband is watching something like Forged in Fire and I glance up to see cool knives and swords. “It will kiiill.”

2) I don’t play games.

My younger kids don’t have their own phones or iPads and they never even ask to borrow my phone if they’re bored because they know I have ZERO game apps. I’ve just never gotten into games like CandyCrush or Words with Friends. (I don’t like board games either.)

3) I keep books within reach.

I have a rather giant stack by my chair in the living room, a small stack on my desk in the bedroom, and my current in-progress read usually follows me around so that if I’ve got a little time to spare, reading is my go-to thing.

4) I take a book with me.

If I’m going to be spending time in a doctor or dentist’s waiting room, or for an oil change, etc., I’ll usually spend that time reading.

5) I choose books I like.

Even more importantly that choosing books I think I’ll like, I also give myself permission NOT to finish the book if I’m not feeling it. Seriously — I think this is HUGE. Doing this keeps reading enjoyable and therefore, something I keep wanting to do.

What about you? Any tips to add?