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It’s a new year – finally!

The year wasn’t all bad for us, but it certainly had challenges. There’s been so much talk about everyone being excited for a new year, but things don’t feel different to me just because we flipped the calendar. Even so, I’m glad to see the tail end of 2020.

We smoked ourselves out of the house on Thanksgiving (don’t ask), which felt like par for the course. Thankfully, we had a calmer, quiet Christmas.

Daisy the dog enjoys a big soft bed near the Christmas tree.
Pretty sure this is the definition of hygge.

It’s been cold; I don’t like cold. I also don’t like shorter days, but we’ve passed the winter solstice now, which means days are getting longer again. Yay! I’ve been making an effort to get outside, even on cold days, because it does me good mentally. My local fitness classes are still outdoors due to continued covid restrictions, but that’s certainly helped me get over my cold aversion and learn add on the layers. But North Carolina is still the furthest north I ever want to live, thankyouverymuch.

My girls and I went for a very cold Christmas day walk.
COLD walk on Christmas day.

We’ve stuck to the very basics of homeschooling: math, reading + audiobooks, and journal-writing. We’ll regroup and get back to science and such, but with all the weirdness of this school year, I’m proud of us for doing what we’ve done thus far. A mom-brag moment: Kathryn earned all A’s in her first semester of college in what’s arguably the weirdest year ever.

One of my goals for this year is to “create useful content” and I’m figuring out what that looks like. I do plan to post here a bit more often (which isn’t saying much as I look back at last year!) but this isn’t where I’ll be devoting my energy. In part, that’ll be on instagram and my fitness site.

Wishing you peace, sunshine, and all sorts of good things in this new year.

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