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The Men in My Life…

Tomorrow is Father’s Day, so I’m thinking about how thankful I am for the men in my life!

The first: my Harley-Davidson-riding, ponytail-wearing, nature-loving Dad


As I was growing up, my dad loved me, provided for me, educated me about cars and being self-employed (as I worked in his auto repair shop), and taught me to appreciate nature and see the Creator in His creation. I remember thinking my dad could speak Spanish because he made up a silly spanish-sounding language. I remember him teaching me to drive a tractor, and I remember learning to ride a motorcycle the year after he learned. I remember watching him build things: fireplaces; houses; and a sled out of scrap wood, a piece of carpet, and a shower curtain rod — and then sledding with me in one of the rare big snows of my childhood. He still makes up silly words and noises, talks to bears and turkeys in his yard, and can name an herb to help with just about any ailment you can think of. He still builds things, too.

Ken: my husband, my encourager, my best friend…

My SuperMan

Ken provides for our family, loves us, and brings a whole lot of laughter and silliness into our home. He’s always eager to learn something new, and he is one of the most creative problem-solving people I’ve ever known; like MacGuyver, he can fix just about anything with only a paper clip and a rubber band. 😉 It never ceases to amaze me that he’s always genuinely happy to see me.

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