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The 100 Day Project

So there’s this thing on instagram that has, apparently, been around a few years but I must’ve overlooked it. This year, a few of my instagrammy friends are participating and I felt like it was a project I could do to challenge myself a little but wouldn’t be too hard to actually accomplish.

The project goal in a nutshell is to post something 100 days in a row on a particular theme. I considered many possibilities but finally opted to go with “100 days of NC Brunswick” to explore and celebrate our new town and surrounding areas. North Carolina’s Brunswick Islands include our island, but several other adjacent islands and nearby coastal towns.

the 100 day project

I’m a few days into the project now, and having fun with it. We’ve only been here six months so there’s so much I haven’t seen yet! I invite you to follow along with me on instagram and I hope you’ll enjoy this little project as much as I am. Maybe it’ll even inspire you visit our area!

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