10th Birthday Celebration!

Kathryn’s birthday isn’t until later this month, but we celebrated early.

Granma (my mom) came over early and helped decorate birthday cupcakes, which are Kathryn’s preference over a regular cake. Kathryn enjoys helping to bake treats, whether for herself or anyone else. Lindsey helped decorate, too.
Decorating Cupcakes

After plenty of time to play with her friends (some of whom are cousins, too!), we sang to Kathryn and she blew out candles that spelled her name.
Blowing Out Candles

Kathryn’s friend Abby and my GRAND-neice Wren looked on as Kathryn opened a few gifts.

Boys are silly. 😉
Silly Monkey Boys

Wren is so doggone cute, I could just eat her up. I can’t believe she’s nearly FOUR years old! She’s nearly as big as Kathryn, but Kathryn loves picking her up for big squeezy hugs.

A good party wears you out! After everyone left, Kathryn kicked back to relax.

(And yes, of course, we will still celebrate Kathryn’s actual birthday with a tea party!)