2011-2012 Curriculum

We’re returning this year to more of the Charlotte Mason style of schooling that has worked so well for us in the past. My plan is based on Ambleside Online‘s Year 5 free online homeschool curriculum, with my own tweaks, additions, and subtractions.

Art and Art Appreciation
– Work on drawing skills in nature journal, plus art/painting projects.
– Multi-media art enrichment class (1st semester only)

Music Appreciation/Composer Study
– Homeschool in the Woods
lapbook projects

Piano – weekly lessons (I hope; still trying to work out details.)

– Scripture memorization
– Character studies using Beautiful Girlhood
– Lamp & Quill
daily Bible study

History 1800-1914 up to WWI
– This Country of Ours
by H.E. Marshall
– Abraham Lincoln’s World
by Genevieve Foster
– Story of the World Volume 4: Modern Age
by Susan Wise Bauer

Additional enrichment class: “American Girl” Addy (Civil War time period)

History Biographies
– Of Courage Undaunted: Across the Continent with Lewis and Clark
by James Daugherty
– Teddy Roosevelt: An American Original
by Janet & Geoff Benge
– The Remarkable Rough-Riding Life of Theodore Roosevelt
by Cheryl Harness

Timeline Book Homeschool in the Woods

– Kids Learn America
and state maps from Homeschool in the Woods
A Child’s Geography: Explore His Earth by Ann VosKamp

Current EventsGod’s World News

Nature Study
– The Handbook of Nature Study
by Anna Botsford Comstock

Science Biographies
– Story of Inventions

– Inventor, Scientist, and Teacher: Isaac Newton
by John Hudson Tiner
– Always Inventing (Alexander Graham Bell)
by Tom Matthews
– The Ground-breaking, Chance-Taking Life of George Washington Carver
by Cheryl Harness
– George Washington Carver: From Slave to Scientist
by Janet and Geoff Benge

Life Skills – house and garden work, crafts, sewing, cooking, first aid, manners and etiquette

– Teaching Textbooks – Grade 5

Spelling & Vocabulary Wordly Wise 3000 Grade 5

Copywork or Dictation – from poems/verses we’re studying

– Oral narration; begin occasional written narrations
– Language Lessons for the Elementary Child
by Sandi Queen
– Typing Instruction for Kids
(computer program)
Daily Paragraph Editing – Grade 5

– miscellaneous poets, as interested

– King Arthur and His Knights of the Round Table
by Roger Lancelyn Green
– Oliver Twist
by Charles Dickens
– Kim
by Rudyard Kipling

Shakespeare – (Lamb’s versions)
– Midsummer Night’s Dream

– The Tempest
– Two Gentlemen of Verona
– Much Ado About Nothing
– Merchant of Venice

– Romeo and Juliet

** Most of the books above can be found on my Homeschool Curriculum booklist (contains Amazon affiliate links).

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Wow! Looks great!!

Can you tell me more about the American Girl enrichment class? I am a part-time children’s librarian and part of my job is programming and this is something we did in the past, then I gave up and now am looking at doing an AG program again. Thanks!


Sounds like it will be a fun year! I am just starting our school planning now…

Sally {with eager hands}

Jamie, I’m smiling, because my list for my 10 year old is the same, or nearly! We are (mostly) using AO 5 for her, and then AO 2 for my 7 year old. And, it comes as no surprise, that the moment my eyes hit the new-to-me title, Lamp&Quill, I had it Googled 🙂
Thank you for sharing!

Sounds like a great, literature-rich year. I love enjoying great books with my kids.


I’m so glad you’re heading back to AO. We’re only a term behind you, so I’ll be watching with interest to see what works and what doesn’t.


Looks like a great year for you and your daughter!

Stef - Layton Family Joy

Art Appreciation – what a fun idea!!

Sally {with eager hands}

….and here I am again! Sigh……i love ambleside! I look forward to our children moving through Year 5 “together!” Enjoy the HOTM hop!

Angie @ Many Little Blessings

Life Skills! I totally need to work on life skills. We’ve been trying to push them more on that. Thanks for the reminder to keep working on it.

Love your list — it looks like a fabulous year!

Jamie :)

Loved reading your Curriculum choices for the upcoming year. I was scrolling through the “Not” Back To School Blog Hop and noticed your button. I “pinned” it on Pinterest about a week ago! 🙂 I grabbed your button too, had to share on my wall since it was so neat…..and I <3 your name 😉 Newest follower via email. Love your blog!


I love your Shakespeare-rich curriculum. We draw a lot of things from Ambleside Online and those things always seem to be my children’s favorites.

Enjoy your year!


I love AO – what an amazing resource for a Charlotte Mason style homeschool!! We really like “Homeschool in the Woods” timelines!

Praying for a wonderful homeschool year for you!!


I have looked over the AO program and considered it for this year. I wasn’t sure if I was confident enough to not do a boxed program! It’s great to see others have been successful at it!


Love CM inspired learning! It looks like a wonderful year of adventures – we did the Civil War last year and had tons of fun.


Looks like a great year, Jamie!

Eclectic Education

Sounds like it’s going to be a great year! Good luck.



I hope y’all have a wonderful year!! It sounds delightful!

I have a question for you…..did you pick Year 5 based on age/grade or based on the historical time period you wanted to study—-or for some other reason? 🙂 I’m asking because I am an AO wannabe at some point in the future (have used parts in the past, and I just can’t decide “when” to use it fully)……thanks for any insight you might share!


Yes, thank you, Jamie!


Sounds like a year full of rich learning opportunities. We love Story of the World and many of the Ambleside resources as well. Wishing you a fantastic year!


Sounds like a great year! My favorite part of homeschooler’s yearly plans is the literature–I love reading those lists! 🙂 Happy reading… ~K


Thanks for sharing your curriculum and going back to Charlotte Mason. Although our youngest graduated last year, I started reading For The Children’s Sake this weekend. I love that book. I’m sharing it with many young moms trying to decide on education for their kids.