8 Practical Ways to Simplify Life

At the beginning of the year, I decided to simplify life in order to focus on what’s important. Soon after, we added two little people to the household, which meant my need to simplify (for sanity purposes) increased exponentially!

Practical ways we’ve simplified our household:

Practical Ways to Simplify life and home via See Jamie Blog

1 – Simpler yard maintenance.

I wanted a cottage-style garden in our biggest flower bed, right in front of the house, but it became wild beyond taming. So we tore out everything but the shrubs, and I’m going to put in easier-to-maintain plants. Next spring, I’ll make a much smaller, more manageable cutting garden in the back yard.

We’re also creating more pine straw beds around trees and near the fence to save Ken time in weed-eating. It’s more work now but will save a great deal of time during yard-mowing season — which lasts almost all year here in Georgia!

2 – Simple meal clean-up.

I bought pretty oilcloth and stapled it to the kitchen table. After meal clean-up is so much easier, and the tablecloth doesn’t slip around like a typical tablecloth. (I love the selection at Fabric.com; it’s where I got mine!)

Also, I bought a cordless mini vac for under-table crumbs; well worthwhile!

3 – No flat sheets.

Flat sheets on the little kids’ beds just got tangled and made it nearly impossible for them to make their own beds. So I took them off — and felt brilliant! The kids can make the beds themselves this way. One less thing to take off and put back on when I wash bed linens, too!


4 – Closet clean-out.

Do you actually wear it on a regular basis (with a few exceptions for dressier items for occasions like a funeral or wedding)? Does it fit well? Do you love it? If not, why keep it? I’ve been brutal in closet clean-out this year; it’s made closet organization easier, and takes less time to decide what to wear each day!

Related: I try to take clothes out of the dryer to hang immediately, which means I almost never have to iron. It’s worth paying attention to the buzz of the dryer to save all that time I’d have to spend ironing!

5 – Simple beauty.

I’ve narrowed down my styling to one hair product. I keep my make up minimal. And even though I have another stylist I adore, I switched to one right around the corner because it makes life easier. (For a while, I even cut my own hair! — or more accurately, buzzed my own head!)

6 – Simple meals.

Use that slow cooker! By afternoon, I don’t want to mess with dinner. Having it already in the slow cooker helps make sure we don’t eat sandwiches every night! {I have an entire Pinterest board devoted to eat: crock pot!}

7 – Simple exercise.

If you can manage CrossFit or some other amazing workout program, then go for it! That’s not realistic in my life right now, and I’ve stopped guilting myself about it. I do squats while I make tea in the morning, do stretches and such throughout the day, and take walks with my dog. Just get moving!

8 – Simply less.

Get rid of stuff. Less to store. Less to worry about. {Renee’s one mug inspires me, but I’m not quite to that level of simplification just yet!} I’ve cleaned out kitchen wares, gotten rid of knickknacks from all around the house, and I’m keeping fewer but better photos/art on the walls.

Simplification is an ongoing process, but I’m finding it addictive!

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