A Day in the Life of our Homeschool!

teaI wake up at about 7:00AM so that I can make sure Lindsey is up and getting ready for school. (After her first day, she told me that no one had ever gotten up with her when she went to school before. So even though she’s doing great with getting herself out of bed, I’m still going to keep getting up with her.)

Lindsey chat a minute or two while I make tea and she packs her lunch, and then she heads out the door to the bus.

I do a little Bible reading in my favorite comfy chair — with a steaming hot mug of tea, of course. I usually let Kathryn sleep in, so once she’s up, we have breakfast. A few days a week, I squeeze in a walk somewhere in all of this.

craftsAfter we’re ready for the day, we start table work, which takes less than two hours. We also do lapbook projects, map work, or other crafty stuff. Of course snacks and tea are interspersed throughout. 🙂 I have finally released the idea of starting schoolwork at a particular time of day. Some days we begin table work by 9AM, but some days it’s more like 11AM. Most days it’s somewhere in between.

Lunchtime varies, depending on how hungry we are and how much we’ve gotten done. After lunch, we do some of our weekly readings. Kathryn has computer time, and we spend the afternoon doing anything else we need to catch up on.

One morning each week, we head out the door to Kathryn’s enrichment classes. We do our weekly grocery shopping and errands together that afternoon.

I’m allowing the flexibility to do frequent field trips, park days, and nature studies. I’m no longer hung up on getting a particular number of pages completed in her math book each week. In fact, I’ve even scheduled catch-up weeks (or breaks, if we are close to being caught up) throughout our school year to take the pressure off. This is a big change for me — and it’s quite freeing! I’m such a planner and a box-checker by nature, but that just ends up making me stressed. Record-keeping: yes. Box-checking: no.

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