A Garden Update

I think it’s about time for a garden update!

We’ve been working on tidying up flower beds and making a few new non-grass areas, but I just haven’t taken pictures of all of that yet. I’ll try to do that in the next week or two.

After seeing the yellow and white roses in Ken’s grandma’s flower garden, I wanted my own white/yellow rose. I picked this one as a mother’s day present for myself. The blooms start out very yellow, and mellow to a creamy color as they mature.
Pale Yellow Rose

I also chose a live oak (which Kathryn reminded me today is our state tree!) and a Southern magnolia as my other mother’s day plants. I don’t like funding Hallmark for the holiday, but I do like any excuse for a few new garden plants!

I keep saying I’m just going to dig up this one rose bush which is constantly straggly looking and overwhelmed with black spot — but then it sends up a bloom that makes me leave it a little longer. (For some reason, this one shoot had no black spot so it looks so healthy in this photo!)

I have three different varieties of peonies, and this is the first year they have all bloomed. I {heart} them! This one actually has two shades of pink in each bloom but it looks almost white once it opens. I think this one is called a sorbet peony:
Pale Pink Peony

This foxglove volunteered itself this year, which was a delightful surprise. I haven’t planted them in at least two years! It’s tucked in behind one of my big lavender plants.
surprise foxglove

My coneflowers (also known as echinacea) have spread like crazy. That’s good, but I’m going to have to move some of them before next year. These particular coneflowers are double-deckers, but that second layer is just beginning to form.

I’m growing some veggies, too! Several variety of tomatoes, some jalepeño peppers, bell peppers, and one cucumber plant. And some strawberries in a pot, at the girls’ request. It’s my first attempt at strawberries. Someday I want four of these little garden boxes, which will form one big square, but for now, we have these two.

I love seeing what’s growing in other gardens. If you do, too, hop on over to Jami’s garden party at An Oregon Cottage!