An announcement (it’s big! but small!)

If you’re not familiar with love languages, there are five major love “languages,” or ways a person can feel loved. Everyone is different, and it’s super-helpful to understand all the languages in order to understand yourself and to understand other people. {Wow. I just used the word “understand” three times in one sentence.}

Anyway, my point is that “receiving gifts” is so low on my list it almost fell off. In other words, if no one ever gave me another gift — ever — I’d be 100% okay with it and it would not make me feel unloved or un-special.

I’m just not a “gifts” person.

You know those people you hear on the radio who win a contest and scream and holler and make you excited for them? That’s the exact opposite of me; I’d be THE most boring person ever to win a radio contest because I’d just lamely say something like, “Uh, cool. Thanks.”

But sometimes a gift gets even me excited.

Like the Christmas present Brandon and Diane gave me this year. Technically it was to me and Ken, and they told us we had to open it last.

This was inside:

coming August 2015

Did it take you a second, like it did me?

I’m gonna be a GRANDMOTHER, y’all!!!!!

I cried. And almost even jumped up and down. Because Diane and I talk about things on our little coffee-lunch chats, I know how much they wanted this.

These two are going to be amazing parents. Kids love them (especially ours!), and they love kids. They are totally in love with each other, both completely awesome people individually, and even better together.

Plus, they’re adorable, so obviously this kid is going to be adorable x 1000.

Diane and Brandon and kids

This is going to be so. much. fun.