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Breathing room

They say the ocean air is good for your lungs.

ocean air

I’ve had a cold that turned into bronchitis (plus asthma = no fun) but I’m finally feeling better. Sitting in the sunshine by the sea is good therapy.

Although our recent move was a good thing, I see now why moving is considered one of the biggest stressors of all, not far behind divorce and death of a loved one.


With the move now behind us, along with all the stress that came in those recent years before, I feel like I can breathe. I’ve been stuck for a long time in varying degrees of self-preservation mode and now I’m finally transitioning into what feels like restoration, which is vastly different. It’s a slow but profound shift and I’m glad for it; I was getting tired of myself. Though our experiences are entirely different, I very much relate to Renee’s Project Home & Healing, and I love how she’s written her way through it (and continues to do so).

Though I’m often writing blog posts in my head, and even jotting down notes about my ideas (two pages so far), I find myself doing any number of things rather than sit down to write. It’s not avoidance, and it’s not writer’s block. It’s just living. And I’m okay with that. Right now, I’m enjoying doing whatever seems best at the time, without a grand plan.

The kids do better with a routine, specifically in regards to mealtimes and bedtimes, so I do maintain that. If they’ve slept well and know when their next meal is coming, they’re up for anything.


I’m spending my days doing things like hanging my laundry to dry. (I’m new to it, still learning.) Letting the kids practice bike riding in front of the house. (They’re taking turns on hers, but he might get his own for Christmas.)

I’m watching birds in the backyard. Walking to the beach with the kids. Considering what else I can donate, and how I might organize the piles of books still sitting on the fireplace hearth. Even doing a bit of my own “grown-up” coloring, and an occasional zentangle.


I’ll still be here, writing and sharing, but I’m going to pause my week-end posts with their self-imposed deadline. Maybe they’ll become a weekly-ish thing, or maybe I’ll just modify the set-up for the new year.

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Chandra Regan

Glad to hear that you’re starting to feel better! I pray that you’ll gradually feel more and more at home in your new environment. God bless you!


Glad you are feeling better! The coast of NC is so beautiful and I’m a tiny bit (okay, maybe a lot) jealous that you are there! I am literally where you were… in survival mode, trying to get my home ready to sell, trying desperately to figure out how to downsize and failing miserably… and moving into a rental so we can stage the house. I am so ready to be in restoration mode. Survival mode is getting old. I hope and pray your new home and location will be a total blessing for you and your family!!


I noticed the lack of email in my box from you Jamie, but figured you were simply enjoying life at the beach and would get to an update when you got to it! Sounds like that was the plan after all 🙂 Sorry to hear you have also been unwell. If you need any tips on the hanging-laundry-on-the-clothes-line routine, I am happy to help. It’s the most common way of drying clothes in Australia, where sunshine abounds and we are surrounded by beaches! Feel free to message me if you need to. And enjoy the beach and the new lifestyle.… Read more »


In Japan we always hung our laundry to dry. During the rainy season, we would hang them up inside the house and it would just take longer to dry. The Japanese have very handy hanging racks with clips to use for drying laundry. You could probably order them online, I would imagine.


Glad to help Jamie! I agree with Chandra. Inside drying space is a great way to get things dry without the dryer on wet days. It’s not uncommon here to put a small line inside the laundry, for just this purpose. Obviously this doesn’t work so well if you have a European laundry or the washing machine is in the garage. I also have clothes horses inside for this purpose. It makes the place look a bit like we live to dry clothes, but it’s cheap and even when it’s cold and wet outside, you can get most things dry… Read more »