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Coming Soon to a Theater Near Me!

I’ve been s-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g my brain lately by memorizing far more than my little mind has had to grasp in many, many years — because I’m learning lines for my part as Truvy in Steel Magnolias!

Steel Magnolias script

I’m definitely stepping outside my comfort zone by having such a big part in a play! The cast is great, and we’ve been having such fun. My good friend Angela plays M’Lynn, and she’s had us all in tears in the dramatic scene at the end — and that’s just in rehearsals! The girl who plays Annelle sounds exactly (exactly!) like the character in the movie, and I’ve known the girl playing Shelby for about six years now, so it’s really neat to see her in a “grown-up” play.

I’m spazzing out just a little, but I’m also really excited.

We decided to re-create a movie poster to put in the “coming attractions” case at the local theater where we’ll be performing. Ken, of course, is our very own photographer; I added the text to imitate the original poster.

Oh – have I mentioned how large my hair will be in this play? That’s reason enough to come see the play in itself! 😉

Steel Magnolia Poster

If you’re in the area (north of Atlanta) and you’d like to attend the play, email me and I’ll give you details on how you can get a ticket! I’d love to see you there!

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I wish I was closer to you because I would love to see this! I can also totally relate. Last Fall I tried out for a small part in the play A Christmas Story having no acting experience at all. I had only ever been in one play and that was earlier last year and my part was simply running back and forth across the stage with my 3 kids pretending to put out fires and be terrified of a dragon (we were in The Hobbit). I was cast as the mom in A Christmas Story! I thought I would… Read more »

Nicole @ TaulmanTimes

Oh how I WISH I could come see this! Next to The Sound of Music, this is my favorite movie! “I would rather have 30 minutes of wonderful than a lifetime of nothin’ special.”


My word, Jamie! How exciting:D I wish I were in the Atlanta, GA area! Your hair might be big but you look great in it! Will you show a vlog on your site for all of us who will miss it, or maybe something we can download and watch?

That would be awesome!

Sally {with eager hands}

I LOVE it!!!! This will be so much fun for you!! congratulations!!! oh, how I’d love to see it, but VA is a little too far!!

Tricia @Hodgepodge

Maybe, might, possibly. Would love to! Love your ginormous hair-do Truvy 🙂 And I bet you sure have been having fun.

Tricia @Hodgepodge

Hodgepodgedad and I are coming to the 1 pm show! It’s all arranged and I’m so looking forward to it!


That’s fantastic! You look great with big hair! 🙂 So…north of Atlanta? I’ll be there in a few weeks for the Southeast Homeschool Expo….any chance you’ll be there? It’s always so much fun to meet fellow bloggers!

Anyway…hopped over from the hop. Glad I did…wish I could see the play!



I’m sure it will be great! What a fun thing to be part of.


Not fair – why isn’t Atlanta in St. Louis!!!!! ((((grumble grumble))))

God bless!!

Break a leg!!

Kara @ The Chuppies

This is so fun…took me back to about 17 years ago when I played Shelby…Truvy would be WAY more fun!!!
She has some of the best lines ever 🙂