Practicing Gratitude: Gifts 176 – 200

I’m still counting…
176) new opportunities
177) shade on a hot day
178) both girls back home
179) Middle school mission trip returned safely (including Lindsey!)
180) making progress in homeschool planning (those books didn’t swallow me!)
181) Deanna’s permanent placement with our friends begins this week!
182) Tina and baby Garrett are still doing well.
183) Tina is finding ways to be productive and thankful, even while in the hospital.
**Please stop by to leave an encouraging comment on her blog; that will give us both something else to be thankful for!
184) I finally came up with a weekly planning form that is working for me — so far.
185) Catching up with friends we haven’t seen in over a year.
186) Long conversation and more time than usual with my husband last week.
187) bird feeders
188) comfortable jeans
189) those rare days it doesn’t reach 90+ degrees in the Georgia summertime
190) The hottest month (on average) of the year is almost over…
191)      …which means autumn, my favorite season, is that much closer.
192) A new sample wedding album is on its way to us.
193) No one melted in last week’s outdoor noontime engagement session.
194) We didn’t break the business site when we changed things last week.
195) I caught up on my one-year Bible-reading plan after getting a bit behind schedule.
196) Lacy and Mocha had a fun play-date yesterday.
197) God knows I’m stubborn and loves me anyway.
198) Caffeine; I know I shouldn’t have much of it, but sometimes I’m very thankful for it!
199) The mild allergic reaction I had to some seafood on Thursday was just that: mild.
200) Benadryl, which was all I needed to take care of aforementioned allergic reaction.

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