Homeschool Curriculum Plans

As the years of homeschooling go by, I find myself becoming more relaxed in my style of home education because I’ve seen just how well it really does work. I still use curriculum, but I change it around to fit my needs; that’s a long way from my first year as a homeschooler, using a scripted curriculum — which, by the way is TOTALLY fine if that’s what works best for you and your family!

This year, I have one daughter approaching the end of her high school career, and my youngest is a middle schooler. {Please excuse me while I breathe into this paper bag.}

2012 Homeschool Curriculum Plans
I’ve linked to most of these to make it easy for you to find and research on your own if you’d like. As the year goes on, I’ll share about what we’re loving and what we’re not, plus a few specific curriculum reviews.


– Mostly independent study, some family devotions, and a homeschool enrichment class focusing on the book of Genesis.

AMERICAN HISTORY (Columbus to the present day)
– We’ll be using Exploring America by Ray Notgrass, plus a variety of accompanying literature.

Exploring Creation with General Science by Dr. Jay Wile
The Human Body by Dr. Jay Wile
– Nature study, including keeping a nature journal

MATHEMATICS [revised from original plan]
Barron’s E-Z Business Mathbusiness math
Foundations in Personal Finance by Dave Ramsey

– Weekly composition and literature assignments to accompany Exploring America history studies.

In addition, Lindsey will have an abundance of life skill training with her job, getting a driver’s license, financial responsibilities, household chores, occasional babysitting, and more. She’ll also be learning to knit, and taking an art class.



– Daily devotions and study, as well as weekly Bat mitzvah classes

AMERICAN HISTORY (late 1800’s to present day)
America the Beautiful by Charlene Notgrass, plus accompanying literature

– Outdoor Hour Challenges from Barb’s blog, Handbook of Nature Study
– Computer Science with KidCoder: Windows and Game Programming
Exploring Creation with Anatomy by Jeannie Fulbright

Teaching Textbooks – Grade 6

– Plenty of reading, plus writing assignments and oral narrations
– Copywork of poems, quotes, and Bible verses

We’ll add in: current events study; working on drawing and art skills; handiwork projects, including knitting; music appreciation; life skills; and lots of good read-aloud literature!

With both girls, academics are important, but not our biggest priority. We are far more concerned with teaching them to be responsible and thoughtful young women who love the Lord with all their hearts.